We Interviewed David Ko, Jide: “Remix OS Is Not a Fork of Android”

At CES from 2015 a small start-up china formed by ex-desarrolladores of Google began to draw the attention of the press with their Remix Ultra. It was an almost clonal tablet range Microsoft Surface, but instead of Windows gambled by a specially adapted Android version desktops.

Almost a year later the expectation of Remix OS has increased exponentially, and on Tuesday that comes will release its long-awaited first beta. At the end of January on Engadget interview with the founder of Jide David Ko, and taking advantage of the Mobile World Congress We are back to get closer to him to speak to us plans for the future of your operating system.

Why was the project of Remix OS?

As she tells us about the own Ko, Remix OS began to take shape at the beginning of 2014 when they saw a great opportunity in the growth of Android. Google were already carrying your system operating to mobiles, tablets and TVs, and the question that became the future so solid that they seemed to have seen was how to take it to the next level.

“For them, the answer was clear:”the natural progression of Android is the move to the space of the PCs.”” Everyone already uses the laptops and desktops to work and produce content, therefore, “why not turn to Google’s main operating system?” The kit of the issue to get it, according to David Ko, is in the ecosystem. “There are many free apps on Android, and why is the future of computers”.

“The natural progression of Android is the move to the space of the PCs.”

The question before this statement was evident: What do you think Google of all this? He has been in contact with them or asked them to return to the company? “Google has always been talking to us” says Ko, “are doing since they saw our first tablet by 2015, and once we insist the following soon after”.

* “Our goal is to focus on further development of a good product.” *

As is the co-founder of Jide, then Google always comes saying les that yours is an interesting concept, although the talks have not gone beyond because, in the words of the own Ko, “at the moment our goal is focus on further developing a good product”.

“The key is in the ecosystem of applications”

What makes you to Remix the rest of operating systems OS? “In the end is not the operating system most important, but what you can do with it”, explains David. In this aspect explains that the strength of Android makes it a system that we all know use, Since we are used to move with their applications to work or send messages.

The kit of the issue therefore seems to be precisely in the ecosystem of applications. “Other operating systems don’t have too many free apps, and Android ecosystem in this aspect is very powerful.” It is in one’s own words Ko, “If you buy an operating system and do not have apps almost useless.” But it is the strength of Android is not only a matter of present. “We believe that” the ecosystem of Android applications will be more and more strong during the next few years.”

“If you buy an operating system and it has no applications, it is almost useless.”

Being such an important ecosystem of apps, we asked Mr Ko if they are planning to launch some kind of SDK for the developers to adapt their own. “Your answer is no, and trying to clarify to the developers that”Remix OS is not a fork of Android”, and which will not create any APIs strategy.” In this regard, “whenever an application follow the standards of Google Apps, automatically you can run on OS Remix”.

In addition, for it not all apps have to have to be run in full window, and that is where comes what has been called “the phone mode”. Taking into account that many apps are designed to run with the appearance of a phone, “remix running with these dimensions so that they use the same way using the scroll and the options”.

Jide and competition

We also wanted to know your opinion regarding the concept so similar to his released by Apple, and told us that in 2016, they hoped that there was a lot of competition. This is good for them, since “there is competition other companies pay attention to what you’re doing”, and which has so many names will push them stick to keep moving forward and innovating. In addition “the consumer also wins by having more options and alternatives”.

In his position of ex-Google employees, asked if the future had been raised follow your way or be bought by Google. “When you do a good job always good things happen, by what we are not thinking about being bought by Google or cooperate with them, but that we are focused on having well our work. Although we always leave the doors open to all”.

“When you do a good job always go good things.”

In any case, as regards the commitment to convergence Mr. Ko is clear: “we are being the first to get the best approach offering a mobile environment and a full PC experience”. It is still early to know if this is true, but what is clear is that Remix OS is arousing great interest.

“That these names come into this space validates our idea”

In fact this should be the weapon of Jide against giants who, like Apple, Microsoft or Google, are pursuing similar concepts. “We are excited to see products like the Apple Pro or Pixel C, because that these names come into this space validates our idea”. But of course, there are also to compete with them, and hence the key will be “move more quickly than others”.

“The key is also in the community”he adds,”we have an increasingly powerful community with daily feedback that tell us what they really want”. This interest is in fact that is behind the first Remix OS for PC beta reaches only 4 or 5 months after the release of the first alpha version.

Are you going to continue with your own hardware?

During its first year Jide strategy has been based on launching their own devices. On the other hand, this 2016 have begun it announcing the Cantabrians Wolder as its first European partner, and leaving that they are that are marketed in summer a couple of portable OS Remix… Although showing Meanwhile another own prototype at the ARM booth.

Therefore, it was logical that we should to asking David Ko which was the model that were arising to organize collaborations with partners. He stressed we are a software company founded by developers. “We spent a long time working with our partners, and” We prefer to focus in our software and work with them to launch devices.”

Does it mean that leave devices? “Each year also will be launching a new ship logo to bring Android to a new level, and then leave that the partners are who deal with continue walking the path.” Come on, that such and as later confirmed us his approach was similar to the Google, launch an innovative “Nexus” each year and let the rest of fabricates follow betting by Remix OS on your own with other more affordable devices.

As the prototype of the Remix Pro, they have more than a future product brought it to the MWC to demonstrate that in addition to affordable products they are also able to manufacture high-end devices. Anyway Ko It warns us that we are attentive to this 2016. “This year we will be launching our new own product in the second half of the year, and it will be something very innovative.”

Ultimately looks after the success of the first version Alpha of Jide system to continue to develop its new operating system for make the best product that can and delegating to its partners to launch devices with it. That Yes, each year will launch its own “Nexus” to open new doors to Remix OS.