Waterproof And Colorful: Rainwear For Children

Already my Omi knew: There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes! So what should you look out for, if you want to buy the right clothes for a rain walk with children? Because Ernsting’s family will soon be offering the new rain collection for kids, I have dealt intensively with the topic and asked our design team what it is really about when it comes to rainwear. Here are some tips that are guaranteed water proof!

Welded seams

To keep dry not only in small but also in large showers, raincoats should not only be water-repellent, but also have welded seams. Because the best waterproof material would not do anything if the wetness can make its way through the seams! This also applies to zip fasteners: when the zipper can be hidden, the chance is less that the water finds its way at this point. Also important: Do not forget the rubber boots!

Hosiery and rubber bands

So that during the Rumtoben nothing slips, are for children especially rain pants with suspenders super. They are particularly comfortable when they can be adjusted in length. A nice extra are rubber bands at the legs. These are pulled under the feet and so ensure that the pants legs can not slip up. So everything sits perfectly!

Well fed

If it rains outside, it is often cold and windy. To ensure that the little ones do not get cold during the watery pleasure, the rain outfit should be well fed and wind resistant. Worth a thought is also the consideration, Regensachen rather buy something bigger. A warming fleece jacket and a pair of denim pants also fit underneath. As soon as the kids are finished with the wet-fun in the rain, can be continued immediately. And after a visit with friends in any case your own jacket comes back home, it is always a good idea to reintroduce into the rainwear the name of the proud owner.


So that the little ones can easily be seen in the street traffic in the dark, reflectors are a good idea. They are often attached as greyish strips on rainwear and reflect light back. In the meantime there are reflectors but not only in the boring strip form, but they can even be really chic. For example very cute in heart shape.


And so we are actually already with the last criterion: Naturally, raincoats should look visually. Powerful colors and colorful patterns make the rainwear a new favorite outfit. And hassle discussions, why raincoating is now a meaningful matter, hopefully stay out.