Watches Become Significantly More Independent From 2.0 Onwards

Gradually, Android Wear watches have become more independent in the past, with Android Wear 2.0, Google wants to push this independence again. Two crucial information has been released in the last few weeks, Google is still postponing Android Wear 2.0, bringing its own Play Store to Smartwatches*. Now Ian Lake has said on Google+ to a few details that will change in the future with Android Wear 2.0.

From Android Wear 2.0, users on the antique pocket watch will have to visit the Play Store when they want to install new apps. An automatic installation as before, which was controlled by the smartphone, will no longer exist. You want to prevent a smartphone app to automatically sync their Android Wear app on the clock, even if the user does not really want.

In general, apps for Android Wear 2.0 are completely treated separately and have nothing to do with the smartphone*, they are therefore completely independent. In addition, these apps get full access to network connections.

In The Spring Comes Android Wear 2.0

Google had this larger update for Android Wear actually planned for the fall, but a few weeks ago but then just moved into the coming spring. Is there perhaps hardly any new watches, because everyone is waiting for the next big update? Possible.

There are no final details about which of the available watches will be updated to Android Wear 2.0. At least the Moto 360 was excluded some time ago.