Wall Sticker Application Instructions


  1. First, note that the stickers are stickers that can put ourselves on the wall or surface you choose, because it means no complications or require additional installation. Only we pay special attention if they are small details, so that they are not broken or damaged.
  2. It will be important to choose the stickers.

Wall decorations:

– Color of the walls and furniture.
– Decoration wall decorations classic, modern, minimalist, rural, etc.
– The age and personality of the person.

  1. We can put them on the walls and empty spaces, or combine with other factors at play to create a composition, such as shelves or even a bed.
  2. Wall stickers bedroom is perfect to decorate with stickers, unleash creativity and promote imagination smaller house. It is recommended that children participate in the selection of the items that come with them day and night.
  3. We can also choose vinyl detailed format to use as decoration or accessories to provide a fun to any corner of our home touch.
  4. Furthermore, in addition to drawings and photos, you can also choose stickers that contain text to decorate our walls. Similarly, you can create your own vinyl, develop your own patterns to order them to do a specialized company.
  5. You can also decorate your wall decorations to recreate the 3D elements and use them as such, as a hanger, you must add a rack or slate to write.