Wall Mounted Taps for Kitchen and Bathroom

The taps wall are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets in general.

Previously, the taps of these environments were merely functional and less decorative, but the latest models are beautiful and spiked pieces. Before buying a faucet model specifies, you need to pay attention to water pressure.

It is also important to check the material of the model. The type of metal must be in harmony with the rest of the environment where it is installed. The taps can be made of ABS plastic or metal.


The taps for kitchen must provide adequate space so you can fit large pieces under them. They should also be easy to handle. There are models with a flexible faucet and you can pull the top of the faucet to hose down.

The time indicated for tap water installation point will also depend on the part model. The suggestion is that you have to 15cm taps faucets and 20cm for straight spout taps, measured from the top to the center point of water.


As for the bathroom, the taps have a smaller design. There are several models, but you need to choose a model that really appropriate. Save on the purchase of the piece is not a good solution, since the model can not meet the need for pipe installation on the wall. The installation height also depend on the location of the counter top and sink, according to LocalBusinessExplorer.