Vodafone Renews Its Daily Rate to Navigate from The Mobile Prepaid

Vodafone already got rid of its tariff by default in contract which applied a cost of 69 cents per each connection and in June the turn has come to users of prepaid card that connect to internet sporadically from their phones.

The new Daily Internet rate prepaid has a cost of 1.50 euros per day of connection (regardless of the number of connections that day) that is limited to a maximum of 25 MB per day and if you eat more, is an additional cost of 1.89 euros for other 225 MB and other 1.61 euros more to 1 GB/day (moment in which, the speed is reduced to 8 Kbps, which practice means to stay without internet on your phone until the next day).

For more intensive users remains the weekly rate 3.5 euros tarificada by 50 cents/day with 20 MB per day at full speed and the rest to 128 Kbps. If you have Blackberry weekly cost is the same but not charged by the day and has no limitation of speed or traffic but to enjoy it, you always need to have balance.

Near the end of the tariffs for connection, two monthly rates based on the far “Vodafone live” are discontinued both in the version of 1.90 euros per week maximum 35 connections and the version of 3 euros per week, including unlimited connections but only through WAP (airtelwap.es) profile.

Those interested in navigate from computer they maintain the rate of 3.39 euros per day of connection with speed limited to 128 Kbps from 250 MB/day and bond data for USB modem.