Vodafone Remains Committed to Phones for Elderly People with The Launch Exclusive of The Emporia RL2

In a world in which all seek the most complete smartphone of all there is a sector that is still looking for to call phones and little else and it is for this reason that Vodafone releasing a new phone for elderly people in exclusive.

On this occasion is the Emporia brand that incorporates a new phone to the offer of the British operator, the RL2, a phone from simple and intuitive use He also Vodafone adds free active services.

Emporia RL2 has one wide screen OLED, oversized buttons as well as an emergency on the back button, FM radio and Bluetooth. It is also compatible with hearing aids includes a charging cradle for easier this.

As the Vodafone 155 Simplicity this phone also includes active duty free, a service provided in collaboration with Asmedit whereby users can query orientation medical, social, psychological, legal and nutritional.

The Emporia RL2 already available in their online shop both stores Vodafone. The prepaid Vodafone customers You can get it by 79 euros While new customers have been paying 89 euros. In the case of contract already customers who opt for a rate is for talk about sizes get it by zero euros While customers and not have it available from 80 euro.