Vodafone Presents More Data Rate

Although there is still a long way to go, we are happy to know new data rates operators, because they diversify the offer and there are more options to choose, but offer the perfect no one removed it yet. Could do it Simyo with a proposal of rate real flat without limitations with HSDPA connectivity, but at the moment there is nothing true 100%.

Vodafone It has expanded its extensive range of data solutions with three new rates:

  • Rate data first use.
  • BlackBerry Professional Lite (email + Internet).
  • Flat rate sailing in PDA.

The newest is the first, focused on those who have not contracted a data rate but want to connect promptly and have controlled spending at the same time. The price of this connection will be €0.9 per every 9 MB up to a maximum daily of €9, regardless of the mode that we consume data: Mobile, USB modem or directly mobile phone as modem.

Regarding the other two rates, leave you with the most important for each one of them:

Tarifa flat sail on PDA and smartphones:

It is a cost of 9 euros per month and serves to be able to connect to Internet from the PDA. Includes up to 100 MB of data, according to the data traffic that gives the operator, it is 12 times what is consumed on average with this type of device. To us still find us a limit under, but with that price compared with other rates is not bad.

BlackBerry Lite professional, with fee of 6 euros per month and which allows us to receive and send emails, attachments and Internet browsing management. The limit in this case if that is ridiculous for a professional or self-employed, then with navigation of medium, the 3 Mb seem clearly insufficient.