Vodafone Launches a Fee SMS for Three Euros Per Week Flat

Vodafone still giving us to talk about, and after improving slightly their prepaid rates today announces the launch of a new flat rate for sending short messages to all national destinations.

The rate in question will have a price of three euros per week and it will be available starting this Wednesday, April 11. All clients of the operator, either contract or card, can access your procurement without having to pay a high fee. This will be requested by dialing the mobile * 700 * 31 # and it will automatically renewing every Monday unless the client requests the low.

To avoid another case similar to the Tuenti and abuse of the data rate the rate has its limits though high, being able to send a maximum of 1000 SMS and 100 MMS per day to 500 weekly SMS to other operators and other mobile Vodafone.

Vodafone will notify via message customers with this contracted rate When you have reached 90% and 100% of the capacity that includes this. If exceeded our messages, something that would have a great merit, the remaining messages will be paid according to the price established in the tariff that the client has contracted.

The rate does not include messages to the Group Qtal, landlines, roaming or premium messages and replaces the previous Mensamanía, so customers who have this saving module will be migrated to the new tariff automatically flat.

Truth be told, This fee “ flat ” a little late the proliferation of instant messaging type Whatsapp application first and because his price is not nothing attractive about 12 euros per month, higher than the cost of many Internet rates.