Vodafone Flexible Funding System and with 20% Discount Makes It Compatible in Size @ for Less

Just two months ago that Vodafone with its new business model introduced the possibility of Mobile finance interest-free to facilitate the purchase of a more expensive phones and increasingly to include less subsidy but it is from now on when to relax its conditions for flexible installment payments.

Against the financing devices with cost exceeding 135 euros in fee of 10 euros per month, in June it will be possible pay in installments from 3 euros per month and also the minimum amount to Finance may be 69 EUR you are a customer or not.

The total fund price will be divided between 12, 18 or 24 months having to make the first payment at the time of the purchase by debit or credit card. The financing agreement is signed between BS Fincom and client of private or independent contract up to a maximum of 2,000 euros financed, maximum 2 devices by ID number and choice of financing all or part of the price.

With what you save each month, you will pay your funded smartphone

Another new advantage is that you can now interest-free finance even with carvings for less that lowered a 20% share of the rates by size although the only discount is applied at rates @ if like device funded and permanence of 24 months on Vodafone.

A new way of offering “mobile free” to new customers with the same rates before investing savings in the fee for payment deadlines. Possibility that joins the extension of subsidies to new users who already have some line in Vodafone available for portability and high with new number.

Savings in monthly payments for 24 months in a grant, amounts to 113 euros with @XS, 181 euros, @S, 226 euros, @M, 340 euros with @L and 453 euros with @XL If we include the VAT.

Put another way, it is an alternative for those seeking the purchase of a new terminal and rates low cost from 16 euro per month which this week could see duplicated minutes and megabytes of way promotional. We will remain vigilant to tell you the rest of news for Vodafone summer campaign.