Vodafone Doubles The MB to Maximum Speed of Their Rates @ and Turns in Unlimited Calls from 5 Euros More Per Month

Several weeks of rumors and hoping for a summer full of innovations that will benefit more than never users following the announcement of the new rates of Telstra, the first official alternative presented to the media is where we are now and that comes Vodafone promotion for summer 2012.

The promotion apply from June 14 automatically to all users of mobile internet with a fee @ size the MB twice at maximum speed until the 31st of August no need to request it and already free seas new customer or current.

The rates would be in the following way:

If you have any problems viewing the rates, also can refer to them from here.

Add unlimited calls to your rate for sizes from 5 euros more

For the more talkers and timid response to the infinite rate Yoigo which is valid to be enjoyed beyond the summer, Vodafone will allow convert your rate by sizes in unlimited If by consuming the minutes within each rate initially, you buy an Extra bonus of voice minutes unlimited to talk to any national destination until the 31st of August for a fee of 10 euro/month extra to the rate S and @S, or 5 euros/month along with @M, @L and @XL rates or its version without @.

Beginning September 1, size rates conditions will return to the limits of usual minutes and for those who occasionally need more minutes to speak, can continue hiring the Extra bonus of voice from the XS tariff with 50 minutes for 5 euros or 150 minutes for 10 euros marking * 836 * 9 # and call button.

The promotion also applies to SIM Only tariffs with 20% discount in the share of the fee for sizes so I can enjoy unlimited calling in summer by 27.60 euros with only S SIM requesting the activation of the promotion of unlimited calls through My Vodafone, by calling customer service or also (but only from June 28) marking on your mobile * 815 # and call button.

Faced with the unlimited calling Telstra for 30 euros during a stay of 18 months with 1 GB and 64 Kbps without VoIP, in comparison, Vodafone includes two months and average 600 MB and 128 Kbps for 42 euros with @S and up to 1,000 MB, 128 Kbps and voice over IP for 45 euros with @M. The unique advantages compared to the unlimited enjoyment in Telstra are Vodafone includes unlimited SMS, does not oblige contracting data, does not oblige to sign permanence, and if you want to do it without terminal associate, applied discount 20%

The rules for good use of the Vodafone unlimited set as a condition not exceed 2 hours per call or 200 destinations per month. Share of the calls is unlimited commitment so in any billing cycle will be paid more than 10 euros.

Regarding the novelties of terminals for the summer campaign, include models such as Lumia 610 Nokia, Nokia Lumia 900, LG Optimus L5 or HTC Desire C among others whose prices already you anticipate last week and now also making compatible the discount in sizes with funding to pay your smartphone to deadlines with what you save each month in the rate.