Vodafone Adjusts Its Roaming Rates to The Demands of The EU

No surprises and adjusting to the maximum allowed by the EU, Vodafone apply the new rates by default as of July 1 that do not have hired the Passport service or any other fees to speak or navigate in roaming.

The data rates is where he most notices the new rebate Since from now on it will always apply 70 cents/MB regardless if browsing from mobile phones or from the computer against the 5 and 10 euro/MB it applied so far respectively. But the biggest benefit of the new tariffs is that now is They billed by consumed KB instead of huge blocks of data that were greatly increase spending when you conectabas you Internet outside Spain even though it was only for a small query.

Calls are also adjusted to the maximum allowed and will have a cost of received 8 cents/minute, 29 cents per minute sent with 14.5 cents of establishment, which includes the first top 30 seconds of conversation without additional charging (a way to keep the establishment and ensure higher incomes without leaving the EU requirements). Send messages will have a cost of 9 cents/SMS sent and receive them is still free.

Passport: a service with which you will only save more consume

Whenever operators are forced to reduce their roaming rates, see how they make an effort to show us the benefits of their services from savings on roaming with seemingly so interesting as the up to 8 cents/MB Movistar (in blocks of 25 MB per day) that were born to imitate the up to 1.99 Euro/19 MB of the Passport Vodafone but that in reality do not always they will be profitable due to pricing in large blocks of payment per day of use and not really consumed KB.

The Vodafone Passport will be therefore recommended to activate it if you go to navigate more than 5 MB per day or calls you make will have a duration of more than 7 minutes per call (sent or received) within zone 1, which includes all operators from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.