Vintage Style Hair

The “Back to the past” is no longer movie themes and ended up arriving in the fashion world with everything. The Vintage is in the clothes, shoes and now also in the hair. 

Siim, Vintage style can create a retro jetinho on their wires and completely change the look of your 1 hour to another, is what many Hollywood artists and even the nationals are doing. Can’t you see the style Gwen Stefani? She is the lead singer of one of the most renowned rock bands in the world, No Doubt, and adopts the vintage style in your hair without any problem. It’s very rock ‘n’ roll.

When It Appeared?

The hair style that we’re talking about began to emerge in the 20. The more social and elegant style charmed women of all styles, especially when certain actresses began appearing in movies with his hair all work in the vintage. Dai, the name of the style, since it emerged in the years 20 meanos. “His trademark registers are the increasingly bulky Tufts, waves marked that highlights the beauty of the woman, kind of stuck and loose hairstyles, evidencing the cut and the hair waves that are meticulously placed in the best possible way.” claim professionals.

Marilyn Monroe Style

Do you remember the Lady in white dresses dancing super sexy while the tabs of your clothes raised with the wind? And, if esvoaçava dress, but her blonde locks. The actress Marylin Monroe had the typical vintage hair, which at the time were super trendy. The singer Gwen Stefani, as mentioned just above, adopted this same hair style and even combined very well with the tone of your hair. As the artist loves vintage style, currently she adopts another type of technique to return to the past in a very stylish.

Where To Use

According to the guys who loves Vintage style, retro hair are a wonderful choice for more formal ballads: “the vintage style, pro example, is mainly in the trend hairstyles for large celebrations such as weddings, graduation and the like. As it is more refined, it is perfect to give a glamour to look and draw all the attention “. Some say that the short hair are most suitable to create vintage style without much headache. “You that keeps the neck out and loves his shorts, you can bet without fear in Patterned waves in time to create a retro” according to hair professionals.

Pompadour Style

Is it that Gwen Stefani loves the most! Has anyone else and he is super easy to make. eixa you with a retro style even. The model and actress Lucille Ball was also a fan of Marylin Monroe and famous style Pompadour. In fact, the style will make any girl feel a true and legitimate pin up. The Pompadour is the famous women’s Coquette and takes more or less 5 minutes to do. No wonder the pin ups of the season had plenty of time to do your hair and make your more than sexy poses for magazines and movies. Want to learn? Check out the tips below!

Step By Step

  1. divide as well to your bangs into three almost equal part, you don’t have to be all so measured that way.Will be three horizontal pieces to begin creating the style.
  2. With the NIT comb, place the fringe your newly divided up and shred the hair down.Experts in Pompadour attest: “the intensity of this challenge depends on the thickness of your yarn hair.A lot of people don’t even need to go through this phase. When thinner, shred more. Attention, don’t shred the hair in the front section, or your beautiful cowlick will turn into a bird’s nest. “
  3. Take the whole fringe ara the front of your wires and twist the hair a few times so that it is tight.Go putting back and pushing forward again, making the soft part of the hairstyle.Secure with clips then.
  4. Now is most important: standardize the tuft not to make your ugly.According to professionals: “Take the comb and pass upwards and the wires will be in place.Now pass the fastener and spray your cowlick will survive the ice rain, coastal winds and even sex. Then, push the spray “.
  5. To increase the hairstyle more pin up of all, simply use a track, or even the famous and trendy tic tacs, to create a contrast of very good times.

Long Hair

Who says that women with long hair may not have your pin up style? In addition to the style Pompadour, is there another way to create vintage hair when your main feature is the long hair. Let’s take that conferred in another step by step?

Step By Step

  1. Separate the hair into two parts not as equal as well with the wide toothed comb and comb the strands.
  2. wrap your yarn with the Babyliss, making ripples inside
  3. wrap the hair beginning preferably from the front.”Each part you scroll, you will hold with the clip.Repeat this for the entire length of the hair “experts in the hair.
  4. After curls are all fastened with Staples, pass the set of hair and wait to dry well.
  5. After this time, go dropping the curls very slowly.With a large brush, comb your hair carefully so that your hair is ready to rock!