Vintage Fashion

The Subject Is Fashion

Well, we are now with a subject that a lot of people are in trouble: vintage fashion and retro fashion. 

I bet that like me, a lot of people think it’s the same thing, which is a piece of old-looking or way to fashion that has passed and that it is being revived now. We will then explain what it is. Retro fashion is characterized by parts that have been made to relive a time certain sets, or style of an era, as for example the fashion that is bubble glasses of the years 80, the revival of adidas, nike, asics and all star also the early 80.

So, we can say that retro fashion is a back to the past, namely, reconstructs a certain pattern of clothing, shoes and accessories, and manufacture in series again. Vintage fashion is exactly the opposite of retro. The mean old vintage, back to the past, and as such we can say that vintage fashion is made up of all shoe, clothing or accessory that has a ripe old age and that is in perfect state of preservation, i.e. in full condition to be used as if it were a normal clothes according to BUSINESSCARRIERS. Many call this pattern “brexó fashion”, which I sincerely disagree, because it is a piece in the new State, as another any, of course in the aspect.

Well, I Understand, But …

Now the question that won’t shut up is: “how to discern what is simple vintage old?”. The question is valid because it is important to know what you can store than can be simply discarded. Well, there goes the best definition: a piece is vintage when has over 20 years of manufacturing, has the signature of a stylist or was part of a moment of fashion and have not suffered any modification over the years. From there, you know that you can save and what you can use to finish and play outside.

Where Did This Chain?

It was created in 2002 by Nadine Gelas, director of the School of Fashion of Lyon, aiming to assemble an innovative event in France, which has become a great success that has been increasing year by year. It has become all this success well probably at the expense of the support of the Modalyon, entity that promotes conceptual studies of fashion not only in France and in Europe. So it is the lesson: vintage is not so easily found at thrift shops, it costs more expensive for being fashion article, it is not simply a used clothing and, it is a movement in ascending, it is chic to be vintage, so enjoy the moment and Invista!