Vintage Couture Clothing

Nowadays the fashion market is experiencing a time of speed. But it’s not for less. People want convenience, clothing bbb (good, nice and cheap), and can’t stand being taxed of tacky or hear tell that are not in fashion. Therefore, many people do not support using an old clothes, out of fashion.

On the other hand, who says to you that old clothes (a trend passed) is not fashionable? For the uninformed, there is the call vintage fashion, which is nothing more than a piece of past trends be used normally in the present day.

Another thing that moves a lot with people, especially with women (and with your pockets), are the Haute Couture clothes. What woman of good purchasing power and living in hi-society doesn’t want to have several and various Couture outfits?

We are using terms that you don’t know? Well, let’s take a brief explained to you.

The Vintage Fashion

There is a term that is widely used by professionals and passionate about fashion that expresses the old-fashioned way. This old-fashioned way is called vintage fashion. But not just any “old” fashion that can be considered vintage.There are two types of old-fashioned way based on TheInternetFAQs: current parts that were inspired by old trends and antique pieces which are currently used, as if they had been purchased yesterday!

The current pieces that are inspired by ancient trends are Vanguards parts. Already the old parts that are used these days are called vintage pieces. Many people fall apart of your parts as soon as a trend ends, which can give a regret for them since the trend can go back and, if the piece is in a good condition, you can use the play, hitting the vintage.

The Haute Couture

Couture is nothing more than the finest fashion, most desired, more coveted between october 10 women. The Haute Couture is that outfit only, made often, tailored to the client. And for so much detail in the process of making the piece, the clothes can be expensive, often with a price that’s priceless.

It’s not because a brand sells a piece to a very high price that she is considered a mark of Haute Couture. There are few Couture brands, since there are some rules for a mark to be considered Haute Couture.

Rules To Be Couture

For A Mark To Be Considered Haute Couture, She Must Follow Some Rules, Some Of Them Being:

To your factory to be in Paris.

To your main shop is in a certain place of Paris.

The brand have a perfume with your name.

Have two collections (at least) a year.

Among other rules.

For a store, be high fashion means being at the top of the fashion, launching trends, models, stylists, fashion. A couture brand launches trends lasting all other brands want to imitate and copy. Including, even (and especially) the marks of Haute Couture has many vintage clothing items.

Vintage Couture Clothing

To have a couture vintage style, many people buy clothes in the current season and expect to spend a few seasons, years and perhaps decades for that piece (if kept, since it’s a piece of good material and was saved with all care) becomes vintage.

On the other hand, there are people who have a good eye and can find Couture pieces at thrift stores or at some Bazaar. But after all, what’s the point of having a piece of Haute Couture, but it’s vintage?

Why Have A Vintage Piece Of Haute Couture?

Like it or not, a piece of Couture only gains value over time. Not just for being high fashion, brand x or y, but because the pieces of Haute Couture are very well worked, in terms of beauty and quality, scheduled to last years and years (this also justifies the amount paid in the play). So many women not afraid to risk when buying a couture piece, be it vintage or current trend currently.

Tips For Buying A Vintage Piece

If you have awakened the interest in purchasing a vintage piece of Haute Couture, there are not many secrets. As a matter of fact, you should just pay attention on the product you are purchasing, as well as any other piece of clothing.

If you know the play and the design that made the play is even better, this prevents you from being wrong. When you find the desired part, note if the seam is ok, if the fabric has no holes (over time and, even without the use of clothing, dust mites can cause it to clothing).

Also note if details of clothes are in perfect condition: sequins, Bugle beads, embroidery, rhinestone, spikes, buttons, anyway, any detail of the piece. Smell the piece: see if she is not with bad smell, like mold or something.Also note if the piece is not with stains. Some stains cannot be taken in the wash, and the purchase of the piece may be a fiasco.

Have a vintage clothes is not a sign that you like old-fashioned things or something. A vintage clothes is a sign that she entered the history of fashion, so much so that it can be used in the present day, as well as a day was used for 20 or 30 years ago. Not to make a mistake by purchasing a vintage piece of Haute Couture, invest in those pieces that have marked the history and fashion, as the suit of Coco Chanel and the New Look of Christian Dior. These pieces are basic and made history.

Are beautiful and can very well be normally used nowadays. You can also bet on the Yves Saint Laurent suit, or in beautiful dresses of all brands that make up the Couture. Mix the parts vintages with current and, especially, use the your style.