Video: Ride Along The Interface of The BlackBerry Storm

In a week that overseas is talked about more than its sister Bold that the Blackberry Storm, Vodafone has been commissioned to give a bit of notoriety to what seems to be the terminal star of RIM in its new catalog, remember that it is the first BlackBerry with a touch screen, opens a user interface that is completely new, and apparently enough fluid to be able to stand up to one of the strong points of the iPhone Apple.

The interface, as we can see in the video makes use of the Auto-rotate screen, despite the fact that gives the feeling that is a somewhat slow, we hope that this detail is improved when you arrive at the market.

As for the web browser, prints that we can get a video of these characteristics, are quite positive, allows access to complete web pages, and make them zoom or drag the page to move the style is imposed by the browser Safari iPhone.

Another detail that devotes a section video is the camera of the device, apparently easy to use and interact with other applications of the Storm, as the Manager of email or Instant Messaging. We can also see a brief example of the use of the GPS next to the maps application that has the new BlackBerry.

Also teach us a little music shop of Vodafone, first seen in this video, showing us how you browse disks and songs, download to the device and the reproduction of the same. Finally also presented us his skills to play video, taking advantage of the size of your screen.


From the U.S., the operator Verizon He has made a video complete envelope the BlackBerry Storm, I update the publication with the same so you can learn more about the Canadian company’s promising terminal:


We can also see the new BlackBerry Storm playing video in widescreen: