Velvet Shirts

When the temperature cools, it is good to be in a warm, comfortable and at the same time off-the-cuff clothing. So is the velvet. The fabric is making a presence in the most fashionable girls looks, because it is easy to combine, protects from the cold and still leaves chic production effortless. You can use it on a day-to-day basis or you can even get to the ballad. See the tips on how to use the piece and get inspired!

If The Day Is Cooler, Match The Velvet Shirt With Skirt Or Short Jeans

In the fall, the sun usually appears all day, but at the end of the afternoon it always cools a little. So it’s good to have clothes that will protect you, but do not overheat. In that case, the velvet shirt is perfect for wearing at this station.

Bet on skirts and jeans shorts to put on a basic look, but full of bossa. The length of the pieces is at your discretion, but it is worth betting on light-colored shirts with a drier texture for a more diurnal and less flashy production – if you make the most discreet line.

For The Night, Bet On The Velvet Shirt With Wet Effect

The velvet shirt fits in any occasion. So if the demand is to rock in the ballad or in the party with friends, the play is the right choice.To make it look more expensive at night, invest in dark shades such as navy blue, black and moss green, and have wet effect, which usually shine as you move.

Another tip to make the festive look even more wonderful is to keep an eye on accessories. The velvet is already a striking and textured fabric, but that does not stop you from picking on the earrings and the bracelets, if you like. If you make a more gothic line, tacks and closed shoes match very well with the black shirt.

Velvet Can Also Be Used On Other Parts

Besides being a fabric capable of making the production more sophisticated, it is also very versatile. The shirt is one of the simplest ways to use the piece, but the velvet also makes it beautiful in skirts, dresses, coats, pants  and even in shoes.

Depending on your style and temperature, you can also combine two or more pieces of velvet shirts in Contrary to what it seems, it does not leave the look heavy, but it is good to invest in some tricks not to lose the line, like using fabrics with the same texture.The silhouette is more aligned!

Can Everyone Wear Velvet Shirt?

Of course yes! The fabric is over-democratic and everyone is free to wear whatever they want, is not it? However, it is worth emphasizing that, because it is textured, the velvet gives more volume to the body part that you wear. So if you intend to disguise some region, invest in more neutral parts and escape the wet effect.

Another important point is that the velvet shirt values ​​the features of the face and make. So,  take the opportunity to make a very beautiful makeup  and lighten your features. Ah! After using it, be careful when washing your piece and hang your shirt always inside out, so as not to stick fur!