Veilleuse Lanterne Bbnove

How do I know if I could use your lollipop fasteners on my child’s bed?

More than 98% of cribs can accommodate the Asleep © ® lollipop. Delivered with two extensible clasps up to 4 cm, this lollipop attaches very easily.

What are the different types of baby pacifier that I can hang on to your lollipop fastener?

All lollipops first and second age regardless of their shape and brand.

Is its phosphorescent function really effective for my baby to be able to spot at night?

Yes. Its coating has been specially designed to ensure visibility without disrupting the child’s sleep. The Asleep ® ® lollipop fits naturally with daylight.

Can my child get injured with the lollipop Asleep © ®?

No it’s impossible. The lollipop Asleep © ® is made of silicone, its material is flexible and presents absolutely no risk in the course of normal use.

What makes your Bump © ® bed ride so innovative?

The bbnove baby bumper is the first bumper to limit the risk of suffocation during the infant’s sleep.

Is your bumper washable?

Yes. All the elements of this round bed are washable at 60 °. However, given its design, we have planned and tested a very simple washing water and soap. Indeed, a tour of bed is not like a sheet or a mattress, it is rarely reached by regurgitation or pipis …

Does your nomadic night light illuminate you enough for my child to move at night?

Yes, it is designed for it, it’s a nomad night . Light is sufficient to breastfeed a baby and to allow a child to move. This is possible in the fully open pilot position. For a more subdued light, the pilot should be slightly closed.

In condition, what is really the autonomy of the child lamp Lantern

We compiled of people experience feedback who bought a pilot child bbnove and we are an established autonomy of 300h + without reloading … No comment!

Bbnove baby products are displayed without BPA and phthalates, what does it mean?

BPA is an organic compound known as an endocrine disruptor that can cause serious disorders in the human body (growth, reproduction, sleep, sexuality, behavior, mood, etc.). All bbnove baby products are BPA-free.

Phthalates are chemical compounds that can cause serious disorders on the human body (fertility, atrophy, malformation …). All bbnove products are guaranteed without phthalates.

Tell me about the French manufacture of bbnove products?


The 100% French manufacturing périculture products also ensures:
– A respect for standards on hygiene, health and childcare.
– A negative impact on the environment (complete recycling of the product, short distance between the place of manufacture and the consumer …).
– The sustainability of employment on the territory and respect for social norms (rights of the child).

I have other questions about the bbnove baby brand, the design of baby items or any other questions, who do I contact?

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us [ Our site ]