V-Shirts are usually very classical, made of cotton T-shirts for men and women. In contrast to normal T-Shirt V-Shirt features a V-shaped cutout. V-Shirt is available both as Short sleeves and in the long-sleeved variant.

V-Shirts are the outerwear both women as well as men’s and are with a conventional T-shirt to compare, according to youremailverifier. In contrast to this they do not have a round neckline, but a cut in the shape of Vs, which also explains its name.

Materials and variations

They are usually made ​​of classic cotton produced, with a small percentage of spandex can provide may allow for stretchy effect, depending manufacturer type. V shirts usually in all imaginable variations with various designs. If

  • plain black or white
  • in bright, colorful hue or
  • printed with a print,

V-shirts are available in abundance in different looks. Similarly, there are they in the form of

  • Short-sleeved orLong sleeve shirts,

where they are very popular in the variant with short sleeves are particularly effective on hot days in summer. The V-neck can vary in width and length and is already somewhat customized for ladies models usually to emphasize in this way a beautiful neckline. Was this formerly of V-shirts for men rather not, so today there are already copies with a rather conspicuous big men neck.