Use Your Imagination To Create Your Christmas Tree

December is coming is the time to bring the Christmas atmosphere in the House. Who doesn’t love a beautiful Christmas tree? It can be traditional or different, it all depends on your creativity.

The architect Augdan de Oliveira Leite account that already has assembled several themed trees. To choose the ideal for your home, he recommends that you pay attention to the colors that predominate in the environment. “Or you continues to colors that already exist or makes a strong contrast,” advises.

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For those who want a standard tree, Augdan remembers that at stores like the 25 de março Street, in São Paulo, there are many interesting options. “If you buy a simple tree, can complement your look with Christmas foliage,” he suggests.

To increase the trees, Augdan says that you can use accessories like peacock feathers, artificial fruits and flowers. He adds that you can choose shades of the same color, for example. “The tree is more beautiful when you don’t have too much information, unless it is a home with kids, in this case can be very colorful, including mixing the colors of the flashers,” says the architect.

Differentiated models – for those who want to create your own tree, Augdan gives some suggestions. “Once enfeitei a tree doing draped in voil and each draped, I put a Christmas ball,” he says. “Another option is to get a dry twig tree with large multiple smaller branches, do a painting, put lights and tie it to the roof. Is very interesting, “teaches.

The artist and set designer Silvio Galvão, responsible for the Christmas decorations of National Assembly, the Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, gives tips on how to build a tree using objects that you have at home. “For a Christmas tree, we start by creating a structure. To do this, simply focus on conical shape that resembles the dynamics of pine, and may use stairs, pieces of wood, books and even pillows “, explains Galvão.

The artist remembers that this material should be continuous and resistant to a stack him remember a pine tree. “You also need to think about a technique firmly holding one piece to another, using hot glue, tape or other trickery.”

Made the structure, it is time to think about the embellishments. “They can be as long as cookies or edible fruit, bows or knickknacks in the House. It is noteworthy that, to create a visual harmony, it is necessary that the pieces have some similarity in concept and in size, and it better be the same, “advised by