Underwear: Everything You Need to Know

Many people enjoy gift giving briefs. If you are one of them, no doubt to buy the ideal model.

Today we’ll talk about underwear -everything you need to know about on the purchase. You are not accustomed to reading about the male universe on this blog, but it is clear that it also interests us, isn’t it?

Just like we’re addicted to lingerie new, should influence our partners to be addicted to underwear. Even more knowing that the styles are diverse – from printed colors to the models. It should be clear to them that we don’t like pierced panties too, with the elastic relaxed or filled with marbles.

Although underwear is an indispensable piece of men’s clothing, the names of the models are not yet so well known, unless those more popular! So, at the time of purchase the men end up having trouble searching the kind of underwear he desires.

What types of used underwear?


The boxers are among the most beloved by the boys – and for us women. This model, which is similar to the short, is generally made of a light fabric and elastic and comfortable, avoiding the friction between your legs. The cool thing is that this template does not mark in the clothes and looks good with most of them. A downside is that if the man have thicker legs, this model end up stalling in the legs.


The underwear thong type is mainly used for men who like to keep the elastic of his underwear showing and displaying the brand of the same. This model is very similar to the boxers, differs because it is a little smaller.


The slip model is the pioneer of underwear – say, the original underwear. The most conservative men opt for her for being a practical model. However, it differs from the boxers in terms of comfort, this because it has elastic at the waist and groin-the friction between your legs is common and can cause allergies.


The samba-canção is famous among men. Most of them use as pajamas for being one of the most comfortable on the market. She’s like a short jeans with elastic waist and made of silk or satin. Who choose to use it in underwear style need to be careful for it not to be on display on the clothes. It is ideal to use it with trousers or Bermuda near the knee.

There is also the FLOSS model which is not yet well accepted by men. However, in Europe, United States and Japan are well cysts. It is common to see this template being used by sportsmen-like fighters and bodybuilders-, this is because she is quite comfortable, providing more body movements.

Which fabric is best to buy?

  • Cotton- Parts made in cotton are usually a little cheaper than the other and are found in more traditional models. This tissue helps conserve body heat-which is not ideal for hot days or sports practices, because it builds up sweat and can facilitate the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
  • -Microfiber The panties are made from Microfiber are better in terms of comfort and practicality. Helps in the absorption of sweat and collaborates for the skin to breathe more easily, which collaborates to practice physical activities. In addition, this fabric dries easier than others and features a mesh cooler, so offers better thermal comfort.
  • Modal- Is the latest option market, is lighter and more comfortable. This type of fabric works like a second skin.

What are the favorite colors for men and women?

As well as have different designs and fabrics, underwear range in prints and colors. Some men prefer traditional colors and more discreet as the black, white and Navy Blue-women has a taste very similar to this, but usually dare a little more and enjoy more cheerful and modern prints. There are some prints that are quite stylish and give an up in look masculine and has been increasingly common view that men are more tuned to news and sticking to this trend, especially the younger ones. Fans using the elastic appearing, some brands make it full of style.

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