Under The Microscope: Alpina Horological Smartwatch

Smartwatches are still on everyone’s lips and many watch brands jump onto the train and introduce their own smart watches. What exactly a clock must have to count as Smartwatch is not exactly defined. I think of the term always to a small cell phone on the wrist, but the range is enormous and the technical features vary greatly. Some of the timepieces actually have many possibilities of a smartphone and one can even telephone with them, others offer significantly less functions.

Alpina and Frederique Constant are two of the watchmakers who have also embarked on the subject of smart watches. I would like to take a look at a model of Alpina, the Horological Smartwatch. The watch is stable and robust in the hand, the case is made of high-quality stainless steel. Pointers and indexes are filled with luminous material and ensure an easy reading of the time. The heartpiece of the watch is a caliber AL-285. The highlight of the watch is that it is equipped with a MotionX activity detector and a sleeptracker. These features provide a good impression of the nightly sleep behavior, allow conclusions to be made on the personal activities and measure steps and energy consumption during the day. Depending on the setting, the activities or the sleep are displayed in percent on the decentralized display. The results can also easily be transmitted to all IOS and Android-enabled phones quickly and easily via Blutooth. In addition, this multitalent has a sleep phase alarm, an inactivity alarm, adaptive coaching, as well as a MotionX-Cloud data protection. All in all, this Smartwatch already offers very nice functions and coupled with the very classic and elegant look, but it is a great alternative to the rather trendy and modern timepieces of Apple & Co.