Uncomplicated Summer Look-Yellow Knit Dress With Jeans Blue

Last Sunday I was still tinted, I would rather be alone alone… After I had a small family break and spent a brilliant weekend with my Lady.

Blogger ladies at the Starnberger See, I appreciate the funny moments of family life again. But since I have rumgejammert, I would now like to let you participate in a situation and a dialogue, which expresses the crazy madness or the insane joke wonderfully in words. In terms of the outfit, I was on the Friday still theBusenwunder, I worked with knit dress and blue-yellow combination to the, no not Ikea employees of the month, but to the mosquito magnet… steep career…

My children wanted to go to the lake… which is basically a great idea. I can understand that during the summer season the kids like to spend their holiday in cool water. However, I do not see that I want to keep my dear little everything… who wants to go swimming, who should also be able to pack the bag. In addition, I have no time for such activities, because I certainly somewhere with freshly painted nails rumgesessen. But this is only mentioned on the margins, because that does not matter. O:-) Besides, the brood did not want me at all-so on the lake-it’s already going on.


Where had I stopped… ah yes-it was about packing bags. In the course of this, the daughter told her brother to put on his swimsuit and give her the underpants to take her away. In the place, I mingled, in the pumps with freshly painted nails, Gin Tonic in the hand on the chaise longue, in the conversation and said “But child, that is your brother and that is responsible for its own things – finally You not his wife! “. Whereupon my daughter said to her brother, “I do not marry you!”. The answer was not long in coming: “I do not you-You stink!”-“You too!”-it came back behind. I closed my eyelids fluttering and thought, “Why is the Lady Blogger weekendalready rum?” And then immediately – quite maternally: “How nice, they realize that they start to smell when they do not shower regularly… So it exists Still hope.

Muffle Group

Of course the part with the chaise longue is completely from my imagination sprung, much more likely: I was sweating in the TV sport or with torn hair somewhere in the kitchen … besides, we have no chaise longue, but one Zweisitzer, taken on his own, already has huge potential for a family dispute and is very urgently exchanged. But the scenery in a 50-year-location to transplant I found very charming… and the dialogue happened just like that. I swear, and the kids have gone to the lake together, in order not to pay any attention. After all, everyone is there to meet with another muffle group.

Knit Dress In Yellow

What the children can do is theirs Parents of course for a long time so we are also on the lake to put the yellow knitted dress bought on ANIMALERTS in the right location in scene. Yellow is always in the trend again and also in the coming autumn the warmer version of the color is again at the forefront with it. But in the summer, it can still be a little bit brighter and although the Kombi Blau-gelb reminds very much of the furniture swings, I still hope not to become employees of the month-finally harmonious blue with yellow already far longer than it IKEA and the Metro There … What is the only reason for me not to wear the knitted dress anymore is the mosquitoes, who thought the sun had settled on the Ammersee… Tztztz…. But with the jeans shirt went…. I wish you a very beautiful Sunday…