UEFA Coefficients List

The UEFA coefficient list is a list that is used by the European Football Federation UEFA to enter how many clubs in a country can send to the Champions League and Europa League. This relates to the so called “ligakoefficient”.Thus, the UEFA coefficient list, a very important indicator of the State of a country in international football.

Explanation and the coefficient list

On the basis of the competition coefficient determines the number of clubs allowed to participate in European competition; Champions League and European Championships.The list is created based on the performance of the clubs that participated for the country, in the last five years.The situation at the end of the season, used for assigning locations for more than a year later. Thus the end position 2009/2010 season, for example, determines the division in 2011/2012 season.


Each club can earn points for his country so long as it operates in a European competition. A tie is worth 1 point, a win 2 points. Points obtained in the first round will be divided by two. Also be forgiven score to reach the Champions League, reaching the second round of the Champions League and reach the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals in the Champions League or Europa League.
After the end of the season, are the points total of clubs in a country on average, which makes for an indication of the average trend in the come-out to the nation’s clubs. Since a list be drawn up over the previous five years.

Distribution points

Explanation of abbreviations: HT = Main Event, PO = play-offs, 1 = 1st qualifying round etc. etc..
Apart from this Division, title holder automatic entry into the tournament win. If it is already installed, shift the location of the first country that does not have a Main Event.
Andorra and San Marino are both entitled to a place in the 1st round by both CL and EL. Liechtenstein has a place in the 2nd round of electricity.

Balance on March 29, 2011

*: The above table shows the standings on Thursday, september 29, 2011 after the matches played on that day.

UEFA coefficient list, Netherlands

From 10th place after the last football year 2009-2010 2011-2012 season in the Netherlands, only five teams delegate to European tournaments, namely two to three Champions League and UEFA Cup. In previous years the Netherlands had in place between the 7th and 9th is entitled to four seats in the UEFA Cup.With stood the Netherlands 2010/2011 season 9, which makes 4. UEFA Cup ticket is payback. On 9th place maintained, among other things, the Netherlands keeps this place for seasons after the “danger” for the Netherlands, it is more loss of points in the 06/07 season against Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Greece, leaving these countries came closer or longer went away when the points will expire at the beginning of the season.
However, the Dutch Club made a good start to the season and it seems almost certain that the 9th place in all cases. The haunt Turkey and Greece are four points behind, it seems unlikely that they will get into it, especially because of the two countries as the two teams already eliminated and only a Dutch.For the next few years looks bleak, as the Netherlands has relatively few points, and Ukraine and Russia a much higher number. For some places, but it doesn’t matter if the Dutch 7 or 9 would be a higher position does not seem to be in.