Types of Underwear Available on the Market, Choose Your Favorite!

Some men don’t care about underwear that are using or do not know how many models on the market and end up using any one, but to end it this post ira take any doubts that men may have on this subject.

Now let’s show all styles of panties that exist in the market and you can choose the one that fits in your profile.

Slip: is the classic model. Adjusts to the body and has, at most, five fingers wide. If you heed size: If you choose a small model, he could end up hurting.

Boxer: decreases the pressure in the groin area and reaches a little above the middle of the thigh. He is currently the most used by the men.

Boxer Shorts: is a model like a shorts, loose and light, it is often used with Pajamas by most men.

Lace Thong: is the model that has the sides wider, but is less than the boxer and greater than the slip. It’s a new model, used by those who leave the pants falling down and underwear showing.

In addition to the models, it is also important to be smart in the one you like. Today, there are pants, cotton, bamboo, Microfiber fiber. There is you buy different tissues and test what you like most in the body.