Twitter Develops Special Celebrity Apps

Twitters product management Chief Jinen Kamdar confirmed now to techcrunch the development of three new Twitter apps, the social network specifically designed for celebrities: Twitter Q & A, Twitter camera app, and Twitter Challenger. So stars should have above all the way the function moments, a news indicator to current events, to influence with their own content. So Twitter wants to fill this feature especially with verified content first-hand and allow stars, flexible and interactive with fans to interact.

Twitter Q & A: question-answer app

This app to celebs and their teams help, through the flood of fan tweets: Twitter Q & A search tweets and puts together the most frequently asked questions for stars. So, they can be much more efficient answer. In the aftermath, the celebrity then receives an evaluation of the activities: the star recognizes this among other things, how many followers he has gained during the question-and answer game and how many re-tweets had the interaction. On the other hand, users find a current Twitter videos and text comments on the subject, which blend: a kind of summary of contributions so.

So you present yourself optimally on Twitter

Twitter camera app

The Twitter camera app the company has seen probably some features of Snapchat is. Celebs mark visible with the app Selfies with Hashtags and Twitter icons or decorate your photos with Emoji. Especially at big events such as film awards, the social network hopes for so much material of celebs for moments, with exclusive sneak peeks behind the scenes.

Twitter Challenger

About the Challenger app celebs do various tasks around to dance or to answer fan questions. The app is an application that facilitates the items in the framework of public events of taken Selfies stars an evolution of Twitter mirror according to the Kamdar. With the new Challenger features, the app now integrates the question-answer tool Q & A and opened as a dialogue between stars and fans. All in all to the extension so especially on a more vibrant communication between celebrities and fans target.