Twitter Can Remove @ and #

In an attempt to make it more simple and friendly service for new users, you are rolling a conversation that Twitter could soon abolish the arrobas and hash marks of the site, which are the replies of indicators and hashtags in the social network.

Who started the rumor was the very head of News Twitter, Vivian Schiller, in a media conference earlier this week in Denver. She called these icons of “mysterious” and said that Twitter is working to make the skeleton of the more hidden social network.

The CEO Dick Costolo said something before Schiller’s statement. He said taking scene language “structural” Twitter should improve interactions between users and make the understanding of the social network is simpler for new or casual users – now that we have become accustomed, all on Twitter seems quite simple, but it is not a social network as intuitive for those who just arrived. And how interactions are mainly with replies and hashtags, simplify these features mean simplifying the service itself.

Days after the conference, Schiller turned back and said, in response to a user, that Twitter will not remove the two symbols. In another tweet, he said “many creative thoughts are going to make Twitter more and more intuitive.”

But Buzzfeed got screenshots of the alpha test group of Android and look who not is there: the reply. Instead, the reply message is linked to the original tweet with a line, as are all the conversations on the timeline since August last year. Will plans to eliminate replies are so old?

As stated before, the screenshot shows only a test of Twitter and may never come to be adopted by social networking truth. But it is an indication that creativity mentioned by Schiller is pointing to the place she and Costolo had mentioned. It will handle?