Twitch Announces an SDK to Broadcast Live Games

In recent months has been a platform for emission of video games that has managed to outshine platforms like Youtube to focus exclusively on video games. We are talking of Twitch, known lately for the case of a game of Pokemon controlled by more than 50,000 people.

Due to the explosion of recent popularity, have used to comment on the future plans of the company with the inclusion of service on desktop consoles, and are now determined to focus to the mobile sector, where there may be potential. Is for this reason that they have announced that live, but not with their official app mobile games will issue within a time.

What they have announced is the development of an SDK for anyone who wants to let its games are broadcast to Twitch. Procedure in general would be to take the terminal screen and the front Chamber of the smartphone to make a broadcast to the account of Twitch of the a user, allowing that other people could see him live while playing.

It delegates the chance to implement it developers interested instead of launching your own application. However it is good since it would Twitch the certainty that it would be issuing only games from developers who want their games can be broadcast live, avoiding potential copyright problems.