Tweexy: What’s New in the World of Nails!

Think about it: how many times have you faced with the challenge of painting my own nails, hold the bottle of nail polish to get more ink, and still keep your fingers away from each other in the middle of all this? Where do your nails, doesn’t it? Then you’ll love the Tweexy!

Thinking about a practical and effective solution to this inconvenience, Liz and Mark created the “Tweexy”. Accustomed to thinking about solutions and facilitators regarding the world of beauty, sought to see a situation that needed to be facilitated in the day to day who take care on their own.

It took about two years to develop the ideal product, but at the end of the search hit the market a compact facilitator, comfortable, helpful and above all very cute and colorful.

The false nail that resembles a two-finger ring is made by Whitehallmakeup entirely of silicone and has a secure container to hold the bottle of nail polish. Plus, the container fits any bottle of Nail Polish, beady and smooth diced, firmer.


It might seem a bad idea to remove a “ring” as robust fingers with wet nails and wait for your nails to dry to do this seems even more troublesome. However, Liz and Mark thought of everything, and the “rings” are open on the bottom, allowing, with a little pull to take the Tweexy out of your hand, and your nails keep beautiful.

In addition to practical, comfortable, cute and very useful, the product is already on sale on the site, and the price is very affordable, especially considering that it can be reused as many times as you want.

To acquire your product you will shell out about $35 to, access the site by clicking here.