Turn Your Tablet into a TV

The tablets are no longer a fad, are a reality. And it shows in the use we make of them both at home and outside. Apart from simple devices to consume content, now use them to take notes, write texts, create presentations, send email, interact in social networks, learning, etc…

Let’s look at the main accessories as well as software options to watch TV on our tablet.

Hardware options

Leading manufacturers in matters of tuners for PC have launched products capable of transmitting the signal of digital television to any device and in particular to the tablet. We see three models to take into account.

  •  Avermedia HomeFree Duet, sitonizador TV. It is a product able to tune the signal in high definition (HDTV) and send it through the local network to any device connected to it. It has a twin tuner allowing you to send two DVB-t signals to separate devices. In the tablet, we see the final of Roland Garros while that we are watching a film broadcast on any other station on the computer.

Performance and configuration is simple. We connect the antenna signal to the Avermedia HomeFree Duet, East to turn to the router via ethernet cable and ready. Not only we will be able to tune the channels from a Windows computer, but now also the iPad. That Yes, previously will need to have downloaded the HomeFree Player for iPad app.

If you want to know price and availability here you can click.

  • PCTV Broadway 2T is another device that allows us to transmit the video signal within and also outside the local network. I.e., whether we are at home (WiFi) as if we are out (point of access to internet or 3 G connection) will be able to watch TV.

The advantage of this model is that, although there is an application, we will see the TV signal in our device from the browser itself. 100% compatible with any tablet, making it already use Android, iOS or even for Blackberry tablets.

If you want to know price and availability here you can click.

  • Belkin Tizi Mobile TV is another option for Mac computers and portable devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Sun operation is completely independent, making use of him anywhere to integrate a small antenna able to tune the DVB-t signal.

Tizi Mobile TV creates its own Wi-Fi network that you can protect with a password so that only we have access. Includes a battery that internet is recharged via USB and gives us a range of three hours. As for the free app Tizi, allows us to access the information of the current and future programming, as well as to schedule recordings. You have more information about price and availability of Tizi Mobile TV here.

There are other devices like those of the cat, the EyeTV Mobile which is designer for the iPad specifically. By connecting directly to the Dock Connector allows us to tune the TV thanks to its antenna included. But well, let’s see more options.

Options via Software

It is great to have devices to watch television at home as the citations above. First because we beat quality and fluidity in the signal, second because they are specially designed for this purpose and you can access all the Freeview channels available in our country. But of course, there are moments where it is better to have an option to level software to Watch TV on our tablet.

There are applications that allow you to connect with a large number of television channels in Android and iOS. The only downside is that most tend to be foreign. Perhaps the Android applications best to watch TV: Free TV and TheChanner or TDT à la carte all for Android.

Anyway the majority of chains are offering live broadcasts via the internet. It is the case of the sixth, RTVE with their channels La-1, La-2, TDP and 24 h; or Telecinco among so many others.


As you can see, options to watch TV in our tablet there are many. It all depends on the device that we use to find which best suits our needs. Each device offers facilities that will suit one type or another user, being PCTV Broadway 2T which offers more features.

Anyway, to finish closing the circle. If you have a Mac and a tuner that is compatible with the EyeTV application also you will be able to send content that you are connecting to your computer directly to your iOS device.