Turn Social Integration in Google Results

The integration of Google+ on the results page generated quite revolt not only Twitter but also caused some irritation to those who do not like to have their results changed artificially by a social network (I, for example). Although relatively useful opinion, I prefer to disable this search, so I thought a good idea Google provide a button just for that purpose.

Today, with the broader launch, it became possible to disable it by default as well.

Just go in search settings (Search Settings) from any Google results page, scroll down the page to the part of personal results (Personal results) and choose the Do not use personal results (Do not use personal results).

As well points out the Lifehacker staff, although not show more results as photos and links shared on Google+, this option is still available. Disable it only changes the standard for not view these results. In addition, searches with deselected personal results option will still display pages of companies, which is annoying but less invasive.

If you are like me and turned to social search, welcome back to the web without interference from a particular social network. For those who left on and not turn to see personalized results for your profile on Google+: why I am suffering more? Come soon to the clean side of the force!