Tube Dress: The Piece That Every Woman Should Have In The Wardrobe

The tube dress is the typical piece of clothing that every woman has or has ever had in life and who has it knows how versatile it is and adapts to the most diverse needs.

According to image and style consultant Fernanda Maranho , “the main feature of the tubinho dress is the straight and simple cut, so it is a classic in the women’s wardrobe since the 60’s. And it is precisely because of this characteristic that this Model does not value all body formats “.

“The tube dresses can be worn on many occasions. What will make a difference is fabric, length and color/pattern. Remember, the shorter and more printed, the more informal the dress, “guides the consultant. She then takes some doubts and teaches you how to use this dress model to enhance your body shape without making a mistake:

What Kind Of Body Does He Value Most?

The biotypes that are most valued by this model of dress are the inverted triangle, the rectangular and the oval, but some care must be taken based on FUN-WIKI.

For women with inverted triangle body, the best necklines are single front or swimmer with the bald collar (if you have little bust). For those with an oval body, opt for darker colors, add a V-neck (for women with plenty of bust), square or U-neck, and sleeves to disguise chubby arms. As for women who have the shape of the rectangle body, it is possible to mark the waist with a belt, to create the illusion of curves.

How To Choose Color And Print? What Effect Does Each One Have On The Body?

Prints and light colors always draw more attention to our body. Knowing these characteristics is fundamental when choosing our clothes. When you want to hide or disguise some part of the body, it is best to choose darker and sober colors, but if the intention is to draw attention to our body, invest in prints and clear colors. Pay attention to the proportion of the print. If you are short, prefer the small prints. If you are tall, you can abuse more on this.

Lengths: Short Or Medium? Which One To Use?

What will determine the choice of the length of the dress is the occasion, the height of the woman, and the age of the woman. The more formal the occasion, the longer the dress should be. One length that has no error is the dress at the knee. The exception is the small women, who can raise the bar a foot above him.

4 Kinds Of Tube Dress You Need To Have

In the fashion world, some pieces are known as “jokers” – are those that are easy to use, whether they serve for various occasions, for various body shapes or because they are easy to combine in the visual. The following are four tips of dress model tube that are useful for every woman:

Neutral Tubing Dress

A tube of neutral color and smooth like black, nude or caramel, is an essential piece because it can be adapted to the most diverse occasions. For the day, combine with a 3-4cm jumpsuit and use bright color accessories to give the daylight to the look. At night, combine with medium or high heel pumps, sandals or pumps, thin or square – depending on your preference and abuse of sophisticated accessories such as maxicolares and stone rings.

Tube Dress For Everyday Use

Tubes in light colors and prints are great allies for fresh looks to use on a daily basis. Combine with sandals and skirts and wrap in light fittings. Colorful shoulder bags are good requests not to weigh the look. With this model of dress you can walk in the mall, go to college, visit a friend … anyway, do day to day tasks, so it is important to choose a piece with comfortable fabric, so you will feel more comfortable.

Cocktail Dress

Another essential piece in your wardrobe is the party tub, after all you never know when an important dinner or an unexpected party will appear. Invest in models with sparkles and embroidery, as they “speak for themselves” and do not need many complements to make production sophisticated. Also, it is very easy to combine the shoe with an embroidered dress: bet on the neutral ones as nude and black and will not have error! Choose a beautiful earring and a clutch to store your belongings and have fun!

Tube Dress For Work

If you like to wear dresses at work, the tube is the right choice: it is feminine and discreet in the ideal dose for the professional environment. Neutral colors like gray and black are good choices, but be sure to use more vivid colors also like Klein’s blue and green. Combine the look with a comfortable shoe: square heel sandal, Anabela or a half-paw pump. Remember that working comfort is essential.

Tube Dress: 13 Looks For You To Be Inspired

Now that you’ve got the right tips to use this template, check out some pieces used by bloggers that can be inspirational for you to adapt to your tubing look:

Neutral Tubes For Day And Night