Try It: NYX Nail Polish “Plain Jane”

Some time ago I received a few products from NYX for testing. Thanks again! NYX can be bought eg at Douglas for 4.95 € and the bottles have a content of 10ml.

The color “220 Plain Jane” is a peachful nude tone with cream finish and fits super in the spring according to Thenailmythology. So I recently tried the paint. Somehow I have to get used to such nude colors on the nails but first, I’m really not really convinced yet. Surprisingly, I even got a compliment for the nail polish, so he seems to be doing well on the nails

I painted the nails as usual: undercoat, two layers of color varnish and the Essence Better Than gel nails top sealer. So I seem to have found the perfect combination for me, because most varnishes keep for days without problems on the nails. At the first shift, “Plain Jane” looked very streaky and I had a bit of concern. With the second layer, however, the result wassmooth and opaque. When painting, I had with the long thin brush some difficulties and did not get the paint quite so precisely on the nails. It was probably the combination of long, thin brushes and consistency of the varnish, which gave me some trouble.

By the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer, the drying time was quite short and the lacquer soon became resistant to quirks. The durability convinced me absolutely. The paint is now on my nails for five days and there is no splintering. From the third day onwards showed minimal tipwear, which one can recognize-but probably also due to the color – only in close-up.So I could leave him safely on the nails for a day or two, but at some point I would like some change


I had not paid attention to the NYX nail polish so far with Douglas. But I have to admit that I would not even get another NYX varnish, because I personally with the long narrow brushes not so well. However, the lacquer is in good order, covers streaks free in two layers and keeps in my standard combination with the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer long on the nails. I would like to give the paint 3 out of 4 possible suns and thus a “Good / Can I recommend”. However, I would just like to recommend it to people who can handle this kind of brush.


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