Trousseau For Pregnant Women

I swear, I searched a lot a post that told me what I was going to need to buy during pregnancy. I found very few, and still were very weak and almost didn’t help me. 

Just trusting himself was in helping friends and chutômetro, hehe. So, I decided to make a post giving tips to help who is also a sailor first trip and need to assemble a trousseau of pregnant.

First of all, it’s nice to think that the needs of the people are super different and is also different who will do the layette (baby) in the United States who will buy everything in Brazil. Anyone here can (and should!) go shopping as you feel necessary. The idea is that few pieces to build many looks and last pregnancy.

The first tip I give is: don’t get fixed thinking ‘I want to buy little thing and all cheap because I will use little‘. No, it’s not time to renew the whole wardrobe and buy thousand pieces, of course not! Pregnancy really lasts only 9 months and it’s not the case. aloka But, on the other hand, will be very important to buy good parts, durable, comfortable and unique quality–definitely the cut, fabric and trim will make all the difference in your comfort and in style. The bigger my belly gets harder is ‘ give ‘ tricks, the more attached you will get items specially made for your ‘ new ‘ corpitcho. And, believe me, you’ll use zillions of times the same parts.They need to have quality to not look ugly and faded.

I also want to talk about the prejudice that we (including me) have (but I already lost! haha) with clothes made for pregnant. We always think it’s all ugly, tacky and without information sets, right? But this is no longer true! Nowadays millions of brands of jeans, for example, make models ‘ maternity ‘-GAP, Seven, JBrand, Diesel… In addition, there are a lot of pregnant women-only brand that is cool, I swear! And, unfortunately, be buying normal modeling clothes in larger sizes is the biggest bust of the planet: pregnant body is different, it has to be different. I went to buy running shorts size 40 and looks terrible–good waist and huge thighs. Out the discomfort … I.e.: relax, you’re pregnant, buy clothes for pregnant women! My maternity jeans were the greatest treasure of these 9 months, I paid good money for them and I don’t regret it for a second, I used a lot; doing the math: some 4 times a week (no exaggeration!), for 6 months, which gives an average of 96 used for pants (as long as you just bought when I was 3 months.). I have a lot of clothes of ‘ not pregnant ‘ I didn’t use it that much. So: invest your money in the right place!

I’m going to do a general list for summer/winter pregnancy and then you think about your unique needs, okay?!. I got pregnant in January and went through a very mild winter; now at the very end is a Senegalese heat and wasn’t meant to be, IE: impossible to know exactly what will be… The idea is to give a North, a direction, but then each think better on your specific need, in the city where you live, you work in Office chic or working from home are many variables. The guide is to give a way! For more specific help you can hire me! 😀 DD Hahahaha.

Come on!

Trousseau for Pregnant:

2 skirts-a sport and a more chic. Remembering that it’s cool that the two are comfortable fabrics and that with you for the entire pregnancy. You can have denim skirt, for example, is made for pregnant. I bought two of mesh in Zara-I regret not having a jeans or a more gorgeous out. Long skirt can also be your best friend!

1 or bermuda shorts-Because pregnant also walks in the Park, going to the pool, go out for lunch Sunday afternoon and didn’t always want to be in a dress/skirt. Or bermuda shorts gives mobility and those that are made for pregnant women, will last until the end of pregnancy, for sure. Didn’t buy any maternity shorts and regret it TOO MUCH, everything stopped serving when the tummy was giga. Fuén.

3 dresses (or more!) –Because dress is the best friend of watermelon, it’s no use. I suggest: a long, more fluid and spaghetti straps (suddenly stamped); a short sleeve and more tidy; a long sleeve natural tissue, neutral color. If it’s cold invest in more hot dresses, long sleeve, are our best friends!

2 pants-for those who have a more easy going, like me, can you turn right on only two pants. I bought 2 and won 1: a jeans, a green one and a gray lead. I used and still use waaaay! To know would be fit by the end I bought models that had a little stretch legs and bought some more larguinha, but little. In belly they have a fabric/elastic big that will certainly take care to cover the watermelon to the end.

Shirts and t-shirts–will depend on more than you use for work/live. I bought a few… My shirts I’m using with second skin underneath, because, Yes, the belly is huge and the blouse no longer covers over the pot belly, hahahaha, but thought it was charming and I’ve turned quite. I rarely wear shirt and then I decided not to buy, but for those who enjoy, Valley super worth investing in shirts with modeling for pregnant! Shirt with shoulder and wrist left just to make it fit the watermelon is creepy! If you are in the USA is very worthwhile buy blouses that are longer, there’s too much, cost nothing and they will make you happy forever-until after the baby is born! I can buy in ordinary store: Gap, Old Navy and any other of t-shirts… Here in Brazil the Zara has modeling with length longer, love and have some.

Third piece–I recommend you invest DEEPLY in third nice parts and combining with everything. I spoke on instagram and swear-by-god it’s true: the piece that was more multi use in my pregnancy was the striped kimono. Use it with pants, dress, skirt, with short, with everything. 1 hour comes that all combinations have already been made and the third piece. It helps to refine the silhouette, to disguise the arms-swollen! haha – and gives borogodó and charm in any thing. Invest! In addition to the kimono is worth: recess calling him Jacques strap jeans, Cardigan, scarves, vests, peels… all that you probably already have. If not, invest!

10 Panties–you can go thinking about that! The sweethearts will stop serving (too!) very fast. I personally like to seamless panties or the cotton of the Lupo. I didn’t buy the of pregnant supporting the stomach and didn’t see the need, but it may be the test case. Goodbye, goodbye string, welcome to the big boy models! Hahaha I used some wider on the sides and also some short shorts type, for use at home and to bed. Oh! Choose cotton, without doubt.  I’ve done a post talking about lingerie, look there. And, Hey, it’s up to 10 bit if you think that at the end of pregnancy the woman has runny as hell (#CadeGlamour) and need to change my panties all the time. But also well buying gradually go feeling what you need.

good support Bras 3 (one black, one white and one color of skin)–will also need. Your chest gets gig of 1 minute! Recommend leaving a little aside models with ferrinho, why bother, we swells… but I like to use pad (something that is not used before). The chest is with the ‘ lighthouse more access ‘, if you know what I mean.. Hahaha. Bought without bra bulge and also with nothing (type top, mine are Liz and Trifil), I like it because my chest is very sensitive. I also bought the US breastfeeding BRA, I still don’t know if it will work, but I bought a size larger than what you have used (which are, in fact, 2 sizes larger than my normal, since my chest already grown ‘ one size ‘ haha).

* Shoe-Has his foot grows (swelling!) and need larger shoes. I didn’t have to, but I’ve invested more in flats since I lost the right to use jump, hahaha. Shoes, sandals, and things that don’t need tie (1 hour the watermelon is giga and becomes mission impossible achieving the feet!). And everything sooo comfortable, no plastic! Soft calfskin and leather is the most indicated; My BFF of pregnancy is a moccasin, mega soft, mega comfortable!

Leggings?! Yes, I’m in doubt… I haven’t used, but I know that greatly facilitates the life of the pregnant women. I just think you have to be careful not to be a slave of the legging and lose the desire to dress … But if you enjoy, invest!

Jackets-if you’re like me, you use a lot of jacket (leather, jeans…) and open at the front, coats will end up needing to buy anything. But if you’re more a fan of corked in coats, you’re going to need one or the other.Long sleeve blouse will also need…. and already indicate a second large size skin to help assemble looks (if it is really cold, right?!). Quick tips and cheap: malhinhas from Zara, blouse long sleeve Hering.

Compression sock: I have not used but should. I’m terrified of socks Kendall but saw that made much of a difference not having used: I didn’t have, but I’m with varize feet the size of a Hamburger Bun, hahaha. And o, nowadays have compression stocking in black-less creepy than skin color.

Pantyhose: I bought several size G and were way too my friends, companions, saviors of the fatherland.Do you think they go super well with skirts, shorts, dresses and all the flats. Take the look common place, give charm and, in the right size, you don’t shake. In addition to being a cheap item!

Pajamas: in the cold will be harder than in the heat, you may have to even buy bass parts for sleep. Prefer, of course, the squishy and larguinhas. I also bought in the US and used enough – in the heat used/have used a lot of camisetona of the husband, I admit!

Tip Express: all you can buy that serve also to breastfeeding is great! In other words, is linked to invistir on t-shirts with little button in front (polo shirt), dress is easy to take the handle or button also, tops passed also rock. Long dresses, without opening in front, just behind won’t be your friends after childbirth. This was a mistake I made and that I would do different.

[To see the looks that I used in the second trimester of pregnancy, just click. The looks of the third are not yet gathered because Miguel isn’t born yet, hahaha, but you can look at Pregnancy Journal!]

Finally, a guide to stores that I recommend (without winning anything with it, just the love of you! haha)

-In Brazil

Zazou Pregnant -I even made an editorial to mark, see here. There’s EVERYTHING you can imagine maternity fashion, have, by the way, party clothes! Great place for those who need to buy clothes for work.

Renner–there I bought all my maternity Pajamas – was ridiculous of cheap and super cute!

* Hering – great to buy homewear (as these pants squishy in my pajamas, that will serve well to stay at home after childbirth!).

Lupo–to buy panties biggest and second by for use under the t-shirts.

Zara–to longer t-shirts, leggings, scarves…

Liz–great panties and bras in the mood ‘ comfort ‘. Amos all I have from there!

*MamyBelt – excellent for making bass parts surrender more! I did post about them here.

-In the USA (worth tweak the Sale and the Outlets – the price is total different and worth much more).

*Pea in the Pod -that’s where I bought my slacks! I love! And I can buy over the internet that delivers in Brazil.

Motherhood Maternity -delivery Also in Brazil.

Madeleine–the most beautiful (and expensive!) of all. Just discovered this brand well then too bad, because I think everything out and beautiful. The jeans are morreeeeer.

* Gap-Great maternity line

* Old Navy-Great and cheap

* Uniqlo–Great for t-shirts compridinhas, smooth, that will be used forever! Also great for Pajama bottoms, t-shirt…

*Amazon-Sells a lot of maternity clothes!

*Asos-Have a great line for moms, only sells online and delivers tb in Brazil (but charge fees!).