Trend Make-Up For Autumn/Winter 2016

Today’s go to colors‚Äďfor the face.

To say it directly time advance: reinvent the wheel was also in this season not ūüėČ

This can be but really don’t care, because ultimately makeup should above all one: let us see out better, or?

Color For The Lips

Really in vogue – like on the trend shows by Christian Dior, Armani, Louis Vuitton and Prada was – is still the combination of pale complexion and dark red lips.

Among the designers Fendi and Rochas ran the models with light complexion, and lips make up in bright orange on the catwalk. A look that really forgive nothing more is something for very young women.

I rediscovered on for the lips color  for me.

However, I’m color-gloss instead of lipstick.¬†The reason: with 55, the skin around the lips is slightly pleated and there gloss, acts contrary to the lipstick like a blur.¬†For this there should be a bright red calm.Because my complexion is rather tinge, I makeover my lips with a cool red.¬†My favorite is currently a bright cherry red: “MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass forever Ros√©” (about ‚ā¨19).

A warm shade of Red Рapricot classic red is perfect for a slightly tinted complexion. Caution is however said to brown-red, because warm colors look the teeth slightly yellow stitch side.

To do this I ink, only my eyelashes, because me, as a blonde, this pure look best is available.

One is important in any case: applying before lipstick applying more lip liner, so that the color does not settle in the wrinkles around the mouth.

In The Spotlight: Eyes Around The Clock

In terms of eye shadow & co., there is nothing really new. For the gig in the evening are sparkling eyelids (to see) for example at Emanuel Ungaro and colorful art lashes (seen at Emporio Armani) announced Рboth but nothing, if you want to look younger!

Fashionistas make-up their eyes with mascara and eye liner in shades of gold. Very bright gold as eyeliner on the upper eyelid or in the inner corner of the eye have spotted a nice fresh effect

(for example “Annemarie B√∂rlind of eyes make up no. 41 gold”, about ‚ā¨13).

For the very sensual eyes, makeup artists put this season back on Smokey Eyes (such as Alberta Ferretti, Versace, Elie Saab, Saint Laurent).

However, the look is softer Рthanks to brown or gray tones instead of anthracite and black this season to happiness. This more subtle variation makes the eyes in bigger.

Forever Favorite Nude Look

Look how unvarnished, only better Рthis look is this season correctly (for example, on the shows of the designer Alberta Ferretti, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Stella Mc Cartney, Mugler and Vivienne Westwood).

So that this look has a real anti-aging effect, the complexion must look pretty evenly.¬†I personally like Yes prefer something like a tinted moisturizer because I’m the natural type.¬†My Tip: the ‘Lanc√īme city miracle cream of CC (‚ā¨39), because it covers, radiate the complexion is and moisturizes and makes invisible redness and bumps.¬†For special occasions is a good covering 24-hour make-up prima (“to the example Lanc√īme complexion idols Ultra 24 h”, approx. ‚ā¨44).Ensure that the colour is the own color of complexion.¬†Professionals apply primer with your fingers or a special Foundation brush (for example “models own large Foundation brush, approx. ‚ā¨25”) in order to avoid the creamy consistency connects well with the skin.Then, the lashes will be drawn.¬†Yet rosewood lip gloss (for example by “moisturizing lip gloss Gala rose”, about ‚ā¨11) DAB – the beautiful naturally freshens up pale lips.¬†Rosenholzfarbenes Rouge (for example “benefit Rouge powder of Dallas”, about ‚ā¨35) on the middle of the cheek bone dust and outside blur a touch.

Freshness Boost For Cheeks

Designers such as Gucci put on Rouge in Pale Rosé or Peach Рcombined with nude look or lipstick in Orange.

So the Rouge is beautiful of course, taking the best Rouge powder in terracotta (for example “Astor Blushers & Bronzers Terra Sun”, about ‚ā¨7).¬†He makes us look indeed like after a weekend at the seaside.Pick up the powder with a Rouge brush.¬†Tap shortly before applying to the back of the hand.¬†This prevents Rouge bars that look like painted.¬†The brush on the middle of the cheek bone place, and stroke gently outwards.¬†Soft phase out towards the hairline.

Coco Chanel by the way once on the topic of “Makeup” said:

“The best colour in the world, is the one, that looks good on you” (the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you).

And she’s quite right, because what good is the most beautiful shade, if he is not one!

Therefore, you should try out lip color or eye shadow directly on the skin.¬†And test in daylight.¬†Just so you can see whether the color “was kann”-that means: allows us to look younger, fresher and more beautiful.