Trench Coat-A Transitional Thing

My” great great things” weekend was just as great as expected… Great-from start to finish. 

The blog meeting with the genial ladies, Annette, Cla and Susi-which was also a culinary highlight. In the Lotus Lounge in Munich you can eat exquisite Asian… A reservation is recommended however. On Saturday I spent a lot with my best and dearest friend in Landsberg am Lech. An absolute pearl, this small town and also here I can offer with a gastro-recommendation. Thefashion cult cafe Mocca is definitely worth a visit-you should be on the road in Landsberg. Perfect for us because it has the breakfast served with a clothes store… ;-). Mainly Italian models for men and women can be found there… and especially worth mentioning I find the charming and nice service. Both in the cafe, as well as in the shop!

The Trenchcoat-Any Old Transitional Thing

My `lots of great things’ weekend was good as I had expected… great-from beginning to end. Annette, Cla and Susi-what a culinary highlight. In the Lotus Lounge in Munich you can have an excellent Asian meal… however, it’s best to reserve beforehand.Most of Saturday I spent a lot of time in Landsberg am Lech. This is a nice little town and here too, I can also come up with a culinary recommendation. The fashion cult café Mocca is definitely worth a visit-should you ever be in Landsberg. If you are looking for a place where you can not go wrong, you may want to check out the latest deals,  it is not the place to go In the shop !!!

Temperature Fluctuations Of 15 Degrees

The only catch that this wonderful weekend had was a **** cold-exactly it was just zapfig. (This fits again to my last post ;-)) – so right for a trench coat. Or at least for a “transitional coat” -I like the word “Transition-Dingsirgendwas” not actually actually-but it is simply aptly… Both at the season change as well as during a popligen day.This week was exemplary-in the morning it had just three degrees and at noon the sun gave us 20… Wundervoll-but not so easy to act  clothes… So with the transition… in the case my trench coat.There is also an outfit for the office to match the casual friday… 😉 This is not quite true… these crazy jeans are not really suitable for the office-but I also have a white jeans in the whole…  What is your recipe for temperature fluctuations Of 15 degrees? Since I’m really curious now and wish you a stress-free Friday and a wonderful start to the weekend …

Temperature Differences Of 15 Degrees

The only snag with this wonderful weekend was that it was so cold and cold. (That would be suitable for my last post ;-)). In any case, a trench coat is very suitable, as thedresswizard indicates. Or simply a “transitional coat”. Really I do not like the words “any old thing”-but here they are suitable for the changing of the seasons as well as during a measly day. Take this week as in example-in the mornings it which barely three degrees, but at lunchtime then it what twenty degrees… wonderful… but not so easy to deal with as regards clothing… So give me please “any old thing”-in This case, my trench coat. And this day is Friday, we have a casual outfit for the office… OK, that’s not exactly the truth… these torn jeans are not really suitable for the offic…. What’s your difference in temperature differences of 15 degrees? I’m really looking forward to meeting you!