Topman and Prada Walk Together Hand This Spring 2012

It seems that lately Prada It is setting the pace of current trends very strong in the coming seasons. Already happened with its collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, where your colorful navy and extremely symmetrical cuts were repeated over and over again, and it seems to happen with their psychedelic prints and style golf-resort of their latest proposals.

Paisley, vichy, Chennai pictures, impossible shapes and organic prints some of these notes along with large doses of color and a very flattering retro style, are becoming the leitmotiv of firms such as Topman, which have decided to deposit the same patterns.

The overall style of the collection is a exotic and oriental atmosphere that is reflected in very harmonic patterns inspired by the Indian mandalas and the paisley (or stamping Amoeba) which comes from the same place as the previous one. The colors simply accompany and linked the whole.

Not only makes an appearance in shirts and t-shirts in the collection, but trousers, shorts and jackets they decide to bet on them, to subsequently merge with plain designs that support and get the perfect balance.

Even the accessories as the shoes / leather items such as purses, belts and suspenders, believe that bet on such a trend can bring great benefits to all. And of course that it does:

Forms are relaxed, colors acquired more prominence and the feeling of warmth, and spirituality that garments, can serve us to experiment and try new things with the upper garments, introducing new materials or even games of textures.

The point also want to enter but like prints, follow a few rules: more open and relaxed, with gradients chromatic steps between them and to achieve balance in the overall calculation of the outfit.

A unique and very spring style that initially seemed too outlandish in firms like Prada but with the passage of time and thanks to donations more diluted as the of they encounter, we have seen that it is not so difficult to come together.

So if urge, the key is very simple: Oriental prints, possibly in short garments such as shirts short sleeves, t-shirts or shorts, with colors pastels and earthy that not it Excel in the set and an ethereal and light feeling in general when it comes to see the overall result.