Top Smartphones Now Much Cheaper

Who wants to can buy now brand new top smartphones for much money. Bargain hunters are looking for but offers for the almost as good predecessor models. Their prices are currently in the descent, saving 30 per cent are in there.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is just now come to an end. Samsung, LG and other manufacturers have introduced there their Smartphone flagships for 2016, others do so such as HTC and Huawei in the near future. The devices offer the currently best technique and shine with new functions or properties. But if you buy the Smartphones now or in the coming weeks, must Access deep into the Pocket, for around 600 to 800 euros will be the top units in the trade.

The time before and after the MWC is also the high season for bargain hunters. Because when new smartphones on the market, the demand for predecessors and hence their price is declining. On average around 200 euros less than at their premiere cost the highlights of the past year now, has determined. Some are even cheaper to have.

Cheaper Metalheads

The HTC One M9 came out last March, the MSRP was 749 euros. The successor is so far only teased and should not come before April in the trade, but the noble metal Smartphone is already so cheap to have a middle class device: from around 400 euros, online retailers sell the Gold version of the one M9, the dark grey Model available from 425 euro.

There will not be an official successor to the Xperia Z5 , in Barcelona, Sony unveiled the Xperia X and announced the end of its Z-series. Sony has unwrapped the Z5 in September within the framework of the IFA in Berlin, but this top device with QHD display has gone over already in the price descent. Search engines find the Z5 already for about 500 euros including shipping, Sony wanted to have originally 700 euros. Interesting is also the almost equally strong little brother Z5 Compact. The price of 550 to around 400 euros has fallen with him.

Camera, and fingerprint sensor of the LG nexus 5 x are excellent.

A great value for money already had the Huawei P8 at its premiere last April. It was not quite so strongly equipped as the competition with 500 euro EIA but almost unbeatably cheap. His successor with double camera has been shown so far only in gel files photos, nevertheless offered the Huawei P8 now for almost 200 euros of less.

LG G4 A Real Bargain

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung has swept away its plastic bomber image and presented an attractive Smartphone in the glass-metal dress in spring 2015. Attention enjoyed especially the edge version with curved display pages. The mobile set new standards for displays and cameras. At that time, Samsung estimated prices for the 32-gigabyte models 700 and 850 euro. A year later there’s the Galaxy S6 from nearly 430 euros, the S6 edge is traded from 540 euro.

The LG G4 enjoyed considerably less attention than the S6 devices–quite wrongly. Because the Smartphone with extravagant leather-back met the Samsung place deer quite on par. convinced the UltraSharp screen and the great camera. Last may, the LG G4 cost around 650 euro, currently it is offered already for 350 euros-a real bargain.

A different LG Smartphone must accept a stronger fall in price. After Google end of September had introduced the nexus 5 x, it was in Germany last November for 480 (16 GB) and 530 euros (32 GB) at the start. Since then, prices in record time melt away. A few months later online retailers offer the device for approximately 300 and 340 euro. But it goes even deeper: Media Markt has temporarily the nexus 5 x 16-gigabyte memory for 269 euro, the 32-gigabyte version for 319 euros remaindered.