Tony Fadell, The Father of The IPod, Is Now The Manager of The Division of Hardware of Google [Denial]

Update: Tony Fadell denies information published in The Information through his Twitter account. He says that he is not the head of the division of hardware from Google, which is in charge of Nest, company that even though Google continues to operate independently.

With the purchase of Nest joined the ranks of Google the company CEO of the smart thermostat, who, like many, you probably know is Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod and a founding member of the development team of iPhone, one of the biggest signings of the search engine in recent years.

Now, thanks to an article published in The Information about Sundar Pichai we know that bounce Tony Fadell It has become the Head of the division of consumption of Google hardware.

Sundar Pichai would have confirmed this important change in the hardware division in the company, in addition, reporting is It would have dismantled almost all Android computer hardware initiatives so Tony Fadell will have more creative freedom for future Google devices.

Doubts are now in knowing that future Android devices have been dismantled and see what the future now Google in the market for the devices. We will have to wait to see if they remain with the Nexus range, if it makes Google already all your devices, etc… Earlier this year Google confirmed that it was happy with its Nexus range and that they would strongly bet with hardware.