Tokyo Jungle Will Make Your Arrival to Android

Sony continues to insist on bringing games of their consoles to smartphones and tablets to get juice to its franchises with the Sony Mobile system, its designed games for certified devices, which do not have to be the own brand. This time we find an adaptation of one of the most extravagant of PlayStation 3, Tokyo Jungle.

The premise of Tokyo Jungle was very innovative: every human had disappeared without any apparent reason and animals had taken over the streets of Tokyo. There animals struggling to survive, taking into account the needs for food and also to find a partner with which perpetuate the species during a new generation with the best attributes.

As it has been confirmed, this game will come out in Smartphone very soon, although gameplay is going to change much. Remains the need to eat, hunting being carnivorous or looking for plants if it is herbivorous, but the action is set aside to move to a system of strategy in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics.

The game expects output in United States the coming week for the July 10 If not no problem, although it is not specified if the game will reach Europe. If someone has played the original game, you should know the change of the style of game to not be a surprise, as this type of action was one of the keys of the original Tokyo Jungle.