To Find the Ideal Wedding Dress

Tall, thin, short, hotter, it does not matter! There is a dream dress waiting for you! Find out which wedding dress model fits best in your body type and stay flawless on the Big Day!

Not every bride is taken by “love at first sight” during the choice of wedding dress. Many, if not most, are indecisive amidst so many options to wear on occasion. They are an infinity of cuts, fabrics, finishes and, for the most daring and modern notions, until colors.

To help her in the difficult-but not impossible-mission of finding the ideal dress, we interviewed three subject matter experts who deliver which models fall best on each body type. They are must-have tips for you to leave the guests and, of course, the airless groom upon entering the church !

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  1. Thin brides
    Women who have a thin, well-trimmed body can choose without fear for parts with more volume. According to Vânia Gaburro, from Esposar Noivas, wide dresses are ideal in these cases, since they help to minimize the thinness of the hip, a characteristic usually present in those who have this shape.

According to designer Ozenir Ancelmo, dressed in draped, pleated, peplum cut (kind of frills between the hip and the waist), empire waist (when the dress shows a fair band at the height of the torso, just below the breasts) or elaborate skirts and with details they value lean women.

  1. Lean and tall brides

Slender brides-thin and tall-have the easiest biotype to find dresses, especially if they have sharp curves. “They can range from sexy to extremely traditional dresses, everything will look beautiful and harmonious,” says Black Tie’s Malu Bughay.

For fans of the romantic style, the suggestion is to opt for the volume in the skirt, such as a dress with cut A, which is more just at the waist and opens in the letter format up to the bar. Sensual brides may choose the mermaid modeling, which is just on the hip and thighs and goes widening from the line of the knees.

  1. Thin, narrow-hip brides

Thin narrow-hip women, on the other hand, look better on the evasion model (similar to cut A) instead of the mermaid.

Investing in cutouts to value curves and lengthening is also indicated, as well as betting on the bateau neckline-popularly known as canoe-, which evidences the soapboxes, plus an attribute of the skinny.

  1. Brides with little bust

Those who have little breasts may abuse some types of cleavage, which give the illusion of more volume in the region without becoming vulgar.

  1. Short brides
    Fluffy overcoats, ruffles, very bulky and made in fuller fabrics seem to reduce the bride, so should be avoided by those with short stature-up to 1.60 m in height-guides Ozenir. “Dressed gods-rolled-or with a lot of volume would infantilizariam the bride, since she could seem a debutante”, completes Malu.

Already cut vertical, the empire cut, the mermaid modeling and the V and U necklines, in turn, help stretch the silhouette, according to expert Ozenir.

According to Vânia, the semi-mermaid cuts-just at the hip and wider from the thighs-and A also favor people of this stature, since they do not cut the silhouette. “Even these two models should not be cut at the waist, so the bride looks taller, ” he explains.Therefore, avoiding horizontal belts and lines helps to make the body more elongated and slender.

  1. Brides with lots of bust

Those who have a lot of bust should avoid very deep necklines, in this case, the heart neckline is a good alternative.

  1. More bridesmaids
    Grooms who are overweight may opt for cleaner dresses with few details and V, U, Y or heart-shaped necklines that enhance the lap and lengthen the silhouette. On the other hand, the model will take that fall and the princess, who owns the voluminous skirt, should be avoided, says Ozenir .

Larger models in the silhouette also value these women, because it leaves them looking thinner, Vânia says. As well as more languid cuts, that is, more fluids help to draw the focus of what should not call so much attention.

It is important to note that chubby noodles should wear dresses in proper numbering. “It’s not because the dress is tight it will look like the bride is thinner,” warns Malu. Therefore, she advises looking for structured dresses that do not call attention to parts of the body that the bride does not like, and asks to be careful with the long sleeves. “Sometimes they make their arms stand out,” he adds.

  1. High brides
    Fluid and volume pieces help to harmonize the proportions, falling well in women of tall stature-more than 1.70 m in height. This is the case of the cut evasé, which leaves the legs less elongated. The neckline bateau and the long sleeves , according to Vânia, show the upper part of the body, taking the attention of the legs, for that reason also they are indicated.

Malu only warns that brides with this profile look for a stylist in advance, due to the length of the dress.”In many stores, it needs to be commissioned tailor-made for the customer.So, the tip is to always go a year in advance, to have plenty of time, “he says.

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