Tips to Incorporate Fashion

Surely you must have seen that in recent months, several fashionistas have appeared around with parts that take you straight to the bottom of the sea. If this happened, know that you stood before the so-called tendency of the Kings.

It is possible to find some of the Ariel’s universe in the mermaid-patterned T-shirts, ladle accessories, scale-textured skirts, over lighted makeups and shades of turquoise blue and even colored hair.

But don’t think you’r a recent one. In the decade of 90, famous as Gwen Stefani and Lil Kim have already adhered to the colors of the sea in their accessories, clothing and makeup. Already in 2011, singers like Kesha and Azealia banks would lap their highlights in pink and bluish tones and dress up as a reference to marine elements.

Nowadays, when the subject is mermaid hair, it is worth playing in pastel tones and if they come merged to Gray or neon, even better.

Tips to Incorporate Fashion

And fashionable? How to adhere to the trend? We have a few tips that will help you incorporate the production. Check out!


In time to assemble a mermaid look, bet on pieces with glitter, abusing the sequins and sequins. Holographic fabrics are also very welcome and this is the time to use and abuse the metallic leggings. Want to buy metallic leggings? Visit Bridgat.

During the day, not to take the risk of the production to get over, try to counter the glowing piece with a flat sandal and more delicate accessories.

Color Chart

The color chart of the colours will be from pastel shades to turquoise blue, passing through holographic green and metallic tones.

Additionally, attaching the turquoise blue to a tissue with scale texture is a non-error combination for those who want to head into the tendency of the Kings.

Try using a cropped top with a high waist black jeans and, on the feet, a alpagarta with laser clippings.

Mermaid Prints

If bright pieces are too much for you, the hint is to search for items with phrases or mermaid prints. Besides, basic parts, like a T-shirt that bring marine motives, are also a great option. In this case, give an up in the production matching a espadrille sandal.

Ladle Accessories

For those who want to adhere to the trend, but not so obvious, the hint is to acquire shell-shaped accessories. Earrings, necklaces and rings are a great request, but nothing like a ladle-shaped pouch to leave the look even more entertaining.