Tips to Conserve Thermal Bottle

Often we forget that, for a good coffee, we need to start with the care with the thermoses, because these care below will increase the lifespan of your bottle and affect the taste of beverages.

The lifespan of a thermo-bottle depends on the material. The ones that have the stainless steel interior have the duration of up to 5 years without needing to change the interior, the glass is 1 year, the plastics are not recommended, because the plastic at high temperatures releases bad substances for our health.

As much as the bottle is good, the time the drink holds its property is usually 1 hour and 30 minutes inside the container. After that time, various ownership of aroma, flavor and nutrients begin to lose.

For the drink to get hotter yet, you need to be careful at the time of preparing. In the case of coffee and tea, boil the water and place in the bottle for 2 minutes, so that the bottle warms up. Then return the water to the pan and continue making the drink. This prevents the cold bottle from receiving hot liquid and this thermal shock decreases the temperature of your drink.

To remove the taste of the coffee from your thermal bottle, if you use the same bottle to prepare tea or other beverages or foods, you will:

In a separate container, place 1 tablespoon full of baking soda to each litre of lukewarm water and then place the solution inside the bottle for 1 hour and a half to do the thorough cleaning. This mixture will remove the taste of the coffee, the full and all the remaining residue.

On the outside, clean the bottle with bushing and soap, preferably with the soft part to not scratch your bottle. If it is your grubby out, remove the interior (unscrewing from the bottom of the bottle) and place the outside inside a solution with sanitary water for 1 hour. So your bottle won’t have those stains anymore.

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