Time For Personal And Destroyed Denim With Roll-Neck Sweater

Okay on Friday I have confessed and today is time for personal. This just fits well to a Sunday and to Advent. The occasion is a question which is asked me often and from many sides: “Conny, when do you blog?”. 

The answer is so hard and so easy. Because I always blogge always… This does not always look like, but it is true.My mobile is tightly entangled with me and nasty tongues would surely claim I’m addicted to my phone. Maybe they would not be so wrong either.But I write down everything in my phone… From the really important things, like appointments, the family, to all the tiny little things that come to my mind on the way. Also my Outfitideen-with which we are already at the Sonntagslook. Roll neck sweater and destroyed denim-perfect for lazy Sundays, where no special obligations are waiting.

To release mankind, I can not make my remarks, of course, yet.Usually it is totally unrelated and quite often I do not even know what I wanted to say… But no matter… I always have the hope that I will come back to it. Therefore, no notes are deleted. At the beginning of my blog, I had always collected my ideas in a book.Because, I find it simply ultracool, if one sits in the cafe people sit, the sly (as I’m simply assuming) write things in an already almost full-written notebook. However, the desire and reality gap with me for miles apart. First, I sit as good as never in a cafe and it should be time, then probably not alone. I guess it would be rude to write wild explanations in a notebook while someone is sitting at the table.

An Ambitious Barista

In most people, the mobile at the table is an absolute taboo. The only argument are children, who wanted to report… For it ALL understand. On the demand, why one therefore the coffee is photographed, one has to think of something really good. Especially when one pushes the table decoration across the table for the photo, or even serves the Nachbartisch. Very badly, if one then also excessively the drink of the counterparts lends itself. As I said, for such cases, the excuse must be really good. So what: I am planning an education to the barista and I am looking for suggestions. Future-oriented ambitions can be badly disproved. After all, no one wants to get in the way of the professional career. But please do not mention Instagram and Social media… Otherwise you risk overhead clenched hands or vehement head shaking. Well, that’s a notebook!

I Collect Notebooks

As I said, at the beginning of my blog period, I was firmly committed to writing my ideas into a Moleskine. But instead of collecting ideas in a notebook, I collected Moleskines. For, according to my nature, the books were never there where I was. In addition to the large number of books, I also wrote some notes, which I then put into one of the notebooks-then somehow. This was like Easter… sometimes I was lucky and found a booklet when I wanted to write a post.However, Easter is only one time a year and similarly often I have found a listed blog idea. Too little often, to write a contribution three times a week. Since I’m storing my brainstorm so now in the mobile phone does not happen to me anymore. I always know where it is.


If I do not know, then I can still call it-which went with the notebooks unfortunately also not. I have already given you more than 600 words, without coming to the core of the poodle. When I blogge, you still know not. I usually write in the evening… it’s the easiest thing to do. Only Sundays is also textured during the day.Moreover, I am not full-time working-so the free day must also serve. But actually I try to do the drumrum. Answer e-mails, sort photos and try outfits. Especially when styling, it is better to judge the whole thing in daylight. Because some of what I liked about 23:59 clock still supergut, looks at 10 o’clock in the morning-um, I say times differently. In the course of my evening creativity thrusts I like to shoot times over the goal.


The photoshootings are the smallest part and take at least the time.In other words, this is only true for the summer. We take photos of the outfits on the day I wear them. In the evening, it is long bright and taking pictures after the office is no issue. It is different now… If it is already dark at 16 o’clock, we have to make the photos at the weekend. But as a rule it can still be installed somewhere. That sometimes leads to the grandma sitting in a destroyed denim and fishnet pants in the afternoon coffee. But the two are accustomed to sorrow… My mom knows me now long enough and my mother-in-law probably wonders frequently where her son has met me. O 🙂 I can also understand well, so an angellike being like me, you do not find every day.


In the end I am really an extremely bad example… so for my children. You are already thinking that your mother has grown on the laptop. However, this is my experimental education. Because children always want everything different and above all better than your parents make. And so I do not give up the hope that our offspring will find stupid sitting in front of the computer… and rather jump around outside. In my daughter it works very well… only the son… Hmmmm-however, I know from well-founded sources that the media consumption in boys even in families without a blogging, instagram, selfish mother is a problem… Uff…. So I can still hope.

When Do You Do Household

So is thus blogged in the house Doll … only please, please do me now a big favor and ask me not for my household. I learned after a few years, he does not run away from me. He always stays on the spot. An immensely reassuring feeling in our increasingly hectic time.And another word to the destroyed denim outfit. That’s what I’ve worn when I’ve been with Sebastian Fitzek with my dearest best friend. He celebrated this year’s 10th anniversary of the author’s jubilee and made an anniversary tour through Germany. And now he has also received the European Prize for Criminallic Literature… I am delighted that I have voted for Fitzek and who has been reading here for some time now knows that I am a really big fan of the “literature psychopath”.

Destroyed Denim For The Thrill Event

Anyway, a destroyed denim with net tights seems to me so a thrill event very appropriate and the rest-so the Rolli comes really really good, therefore… Have a beautiful and relaxed 2nd Advent. I’m glad you’re here-your Conny

Jeans: Only-a similar destroyed denim I found at Amazon (Affiliatelink). 
Bomber, Rollkragenpulli: Zara-the Bomberjacke is still , but the Rolli I have never found. 
Shoes: Tamaris-at Amazon is a  beautiful Chelsea boat from Gabor(Affiliatelink). 
Fishnet tights: Falke via Engelhorn Fashion (affiliate link) 
Belt: Escada-I have the belt not found-but you wear today when letters already rather the G Gucci via LUISAVIAROMA  (affiliate link) 
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure 148 Foudroyante 
nail polish: Essie licorice-you can find the lacquer online at the Hagel-Shop (Affiliatelink)