Thus Is The Way of Windows That Android N Will Compete against Windows 10

There is nothing better than productivity working with windows, Show Desktop several applications at the same time, organized at whim, adjusting its size and position. This as usual on Windows, OS X and Linux will also arrive soon to Android.

The multi-view of Android N It will not only be in split screen, they also come the Windows typical of the desktop operating systems. Google goes everywhere to conquer new market of convertible tablets Microsoft is currently the King thanks to Windows 10. Who knows if we will also see Android on laptops and computers.

Windows mode

The user may move and resize the open applications, You can arrange the windows as Windows 10, can place them next to other, one on top of another, etc… Windows will have options for maximize and close.

When access to Recent We will see a horizontal list with the windows open on the top and bottom open applications that are hidden. To add an application window so only have to press the new icon window appearing in its preview.

If you drag a window towards one side of the screen will be split-screen, occupying half of the display application so that we can open another application on the other half or show multiple windows. It is possible to show an application in screen split and on the other side several windows.

In video

In the following video you can see running Android N new windows:

Windows only on big screens

The manufacturers decide that devices activate this mode of windows or multi-view for free. This mode is designed for large screens, which will come in large tablets and perhaps in laptops and computers if Google just merging Android with Chrome OS.

How to activate the mode forms free

This multi-view for free at the moment does not come enabled by default in Android N Developer Preview, you have to activate it with a custom recovery as TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP). With the unlocked bootloader, the Android SDK tools and the device connected to a computer you have to go the custom recovery to mount “System” partition and a command window enter ‘ADB Shell’ and write:

CD /system/etc/permissions
SED – e “s/livewallpaper/freeformwindowmanagement / ‘ > freeform.xml