Thoughts About Sustainability And A Casual Boyfriend Look

You can not take me so seriously today. The contribution was made under the influence of the supermarket.

 I did not see it because of clouds. But hello-I see the few things under whose influence I seem to stand… In addition, this influence has already announced on Monday morning-there was the disc so far not so great and the toast disk is not synonymous-that is also still charred ,Montagmorgen 6:45 Uhr… and fate took its course. The outfit must therefore be very comfortable today. A boyfriend look with long cardigan, boyfriend jeans (destroyed because of the mood), sneaker and oversized shawl to creep in.

During the morning hysterical search phase, a higher power took possession of us. Within a short time, shoelaces were demonized, zippers were all told, and schoolclasses were accidentally falling down the stairs. Keys were searched and the bread time forgotten. It was cried and everything ran at 7:10 clockless and without a dear word from the house. So once again to remember-please do not take me so seriously today-higher moon powers have taken possession of me. A good mood to write about sustainability again.

The Green Modem Market

Almost every of my postings on sustainability I started with the words “I have not written more about sustainability for a long time,” and if I had not the moon, it would be the same again. … Because I have pushed the issue very successfully in the last few months. Only with my contributions on neyo. My green vest blooms. But that alone can not be. There is indeed something on the green modem market-only by itself it does not buy itself there. But also when something is doing-somehow it does not matter, in the “middle”.

My Pig Is Whistling

In addition, the fast-fashion giants make it so easy and satisfy my green ambitions. Zara has been shipping the orders since recently in reused cartons. What-recently? Honestly, I wonder why they have not always done this way. Due to the numerous returns, the boxes have to feed pigs. And the sow is only mentioned here because it is a proverb. Or we take H & M: With its Consicous line I can certainly not go wrong. There are 210 sustainable products, a total assortment of 5831. That’s a grand share of about 3.6% … I think my pig is whistling. And even now, the pig is only mentioned because that is a proverb.

Green Influence?

Okay-the usual suspects are unfortunately still not as green as it should be and should be. Consumption, the profit of the big conglomerate-much of it does not change much. Money governs the world and this is probably equally true for the great influence of the bloggers’ scene. I can not think of a single blog that is trend-oriented, sustainable and has an “Influenzer-Follower number”. Of course, I would like to teach you something better. However, I guess it is not so exciting and likely to cooperate lucrative with sustainable labels. Or it is simply the green elite-which has a green heart and is committed to being truly sustainable, bio-friendly and environmentally friendly, but apparently it remains among its peers.

The Green Elite

Because, I imagine, I often have a certain arrogance with these companies. The Manomama collection can only be expelled by people who have a green heart. I’ve written about it. Even Nunu Kaller with her blog “I buy nix!” Makes me rather afraid, that I feel inspired by her. Then I found on my search for shops with Fairtrade clothing Loveco. On this page, you will find modern fashion from different labels. With pleasure I read there that Loveco also operates affiliatemarketing, and wanted to apply immediately. But it doesmean that they only want to work with blogs that write about fair fashion, vegan lifestyle and sustainability. Okay… I guess I’m not. I asked, nevertheless, and am anxious whether “be in the middle” is enough.

Your Own Inconsistency

This is the way I feel-that is, some sort of mediation. I’m not a vegan, not even a vegetarian-but I do not eat meat 7 days a week. On the contrary, I can live very well with cheese. Only without egg is difficult for me. But especially with the food I try to buy mainly regional. And I know where the chickens bounce around, which have put my Sunday egg. So I would also buy the clothes more loving fashion more fair fashion. However, I miss there a certain trend consciousness-always only Basics is also boring. I know I’m talking about myself easily, and when I’m so drubbing, I’m probably quite arrogant. But I do not want to judge and certainly do not condemn, actually I only wanted to make my displeasure at my own inconsistency.

Boyfriendlook Against Bad Mood

And that this day really stands under mysterious cosmic influences, is now clear again. I just fluttered a mail from a crowdfunding project from Lillika Eden to the mailbox. The “green” ladies’ label wants to start with the action via Startnext now also to the men and quite a commercial statement. So I find the good… and will certainly participate. Maybe a great Christmas gift for the trend-conscious gentlemen. The mood in the house was also not better in the evening. Even the sport could still do it. So the outfit was really well chosen. Just a casual Boyfriend look, which is absolutely comfortable even the worst mood, I find. Just really sustainable, the outfit is unfortunately not… And now I would be still interested in how your lasting consequences are so ordered? Have a great week-without cosmic stones, which are placed in your way.

Trousers: Levis501-not quite so destroyed I found the 501 at PhysicsCat(Affiliatelink). 
Blouse: Zara-it’s exactly-striped poplin tunic . 
Cardigan: S.Oliver-I already have a few days. But at the Breuninger I found from Malvin a knit coat  (Affiliatelink), which I like. 
Scarf: Your favorite store-is from last year and never to have. 
Sneaker: Bugatti-are  still available at Amazon (Affiliatelink). 
Bag: Stella & Dot