ThL T100s, Analysis

The Chinese company THL It launched its first Android smartphone octa – core, ThL T100s, a few weeks ago and has already passed a terminal by our hands. It is a very thin Smartphone and with technical characteristics placed in the upper middle range of the market.

The highlight is the integration of the new MediaTek chip octa – core, MT6592, which makes use of 8 cores at 1.7 GHz and assembles the Mali GPU 450. This terminal is dual-SIM, has a display of 5 inch with FullHD resolution and two cameras, front and back, 13 Mpx. Let’s see what such yield.

ThL T100S, specifications and design

ThL T100s, specifications
Physical dimensions 144.3 × 70.4 × 8, 8mm, 145 grams
Screen 5 inch IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Processor MediaTek MT6592, octa – core (A7) 1.7 GHz
Graphics processor Mali 450-MP
Memory 32 GB + microSD
Version Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Connectivity Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G (HSPA +) dual-SIM, FM Radio, GPS
Expansion ports MicroSD, MicroUSB
Cameras Front: 13Mpx – 1. 080p / rear: 13 Mpx – 1. 080p and LED flash. Both with autofocus.
Battery Battery Li-ion 2,300 mAh (removable)
Price 289 EUR

This terminal has contained measures to be 5 inches, 144.3 × 70.4 × 8, 8mm, and a weight of 145 grams making it very ergonomic.

It has a design with a very angled front while the back has rounded edges that make easier to take it in the hand.

However, when it comes to catch it in landscape format to play it is really uncomfortable since you almost nailed corners in the hands.

The front is covered almost in its entirety by Crystal Gorilla Glass 3, except for the upper and lower zone where we have between 2 and 3 mm plastic.

The terminal comes with an applied plastic screen protector and other replacement as well as a second battery.

The back is covered by a Gummy finish very comfortable to the touch with a small slot for the speaker at the bottom as well as also place in the top left cover for 13 megapixel Sony camera and under it a pinhole microphone and flash LED.

The upper and lower part of the terminal have a certain texture that despite being plastic give a distinctive touch to the finish.

At the top we have the headset jack and microUSB port and at the bottom we have the main microphone and a slit to remove the back cover.

If we open the lid can see 2,300 mAh battery as well as the slot microSD and the two slots SIM and microSIM, both with 3 G connectivity.

Screen, 5-inch IPS FullHD of great quality

ThL has done a good job in choosing the ThL T100s screen since we are faced with an IPS panel, which added a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels under his belt and has a really wide viewing angles without offering or diminishment of almost 180º color gradients.

It is a terminal that has 2.5 mm frame on the sides of the screen, while we will more than 1 cm at the top and bottom so the smartphone has a more widescreen aspect which should.

As for capacitive touch sensitivity, it is able to recognize up to 5 simultaneous keystrokes, as we demonstrated with the capture of the Antutu Tester benchmarks.

On the screen is a Gorilla Glass 3 glass that offers extra protection against scratches and shock of some magnitude, in our humble opinion the screensaver with this type of glass left-over, but coming as an extra… already know, a gift horse….

It is a screen that offers a brightness of 504 lux is a very appropriate result for the high range that is focused and which allows you to use it even outdoors, in environments with direct sunlight.

ThL T100s performance and its chip octa – core

One of the big questions that we had time to take the terminal was the performance that could be obtained with this MediaTek MT6592W SoC that integrates 8-core Cortex A7 at 1.66 GHz and the Mali GPU 450-MP.

The MediaTek company promises performance similar to chips stop range, 800 Snapdragon, Qualcomm, and that is a claim that we take with scepticism, at least initially.

If we have already seen with chips quad – core quad-core is residual in most tasks of the terminal, thinking about double the available process threads, priori, seems a little successful bet. This equipment mounted in addition 2 GB RAM which helps keep in shape and loose Android 4.2.2.

Let’s see the result that we get in the usual tests that we performed on this device and compare with a computer as LG G2 riding Snapdragon 800.

Benchmarks ThL T100s LG G2
AnTuTu X 26.012 points 32.566 points
Quadrant 13.331 points 18.884 points
Vellamo HTML 5: 1996 points
Metal: 623 points
HTML 5: 2.940 points
Metal: 1,179 points
3DMark Ice Storm (720 p): 5.710
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 4.106
Ice Storm Unlimited: 7.002
Ice Storm (720 p): Maxed Out!
Ice Storm Extreme (1080 p): 10.411
Ice Storm Unlimited: 16.498
EPIC Citadel @
1920 x 1080 – ThL
1800 x 1,080 – LG
High performance: 41.1 FPS
High quality: 40.0 FPS
Ultra High quality: n.d.
High performance: 54.4 FPS
High quality: 54.6 FPS
Ultra High quality: 49.9 FPS
BenchmarkPI 252 milliseconds 100 milliseconds

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As you can see in the figures reflecting the table, the MediaTek chip octa – core yields remarkably well, however scores overall are lower than Snapdragon 800, one could in fact argue arriving in some tests to be in the line of Snapdragon 600.

The great handicap of this SoC is the GPU, if we analyze the scores obtained at Antutu X paragraph to paragraph, we see how is in that section where lies the great difference from Snapdragon 800 which practically doubles the 3D performance of the MediaTek chip to FullHD resolution.

THL T100s (MT6892 octa – core)-> Antutu X < – LG G2 (Snapdragon 800)

However, despite being behind Adreno 320 (Snapdragon 600) GPUs, Adreno 330 (Snapdragon 800) either Mali T628 is a big jump in performance to the hour run games 3D against the Mediatek MT6589T chip, quad – core 1.5 GHz, making playable with virtually no lag most games.

Gross performance of the CPU section is slightly more than the Snapdragon 800 which gives an idea of the power of the MediaTek chip process, but to obtain the final scores processing 3D also has great weight.

Software and connectivity

ThL T100s smartphone arrives to work on Android 4.2.2 with 32 GB of internal memory (GB available to the user). It is an Android version that does not use any custom interface and provides an experience very similar to the of any smartphone Nexus with a version similar software.

It works on Android 4.2.2, not Android 4.4.2 at least for the time being. The terminal has a system update OTA himself via ThL to announced us new updates as they become available.

As we say comes with Google Apps pre-installed as well as with Google Play and as extras we have a compass application, one for configuration management, dual-SIM, flashlight, backup manager and Task Manager to do.

We have a smartphone that arrives as top of the Chinese company ThL and that of noted when it comes to view the connectivity options offered by the manufacturer.

In terms of mobile data connection, we talk about a smartphone with dual-slot SIM, HSPA +, and be configured either as a data connection to use and keep the two functional phone numbers at all times. In addition to that we have (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) Wi-Fi connectivity, bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM radio and NFC.

In fact the terminal is accompanied by two small stickers NFC that you can configure from the terminal itself to create default actions: enable the drive mode (activate GPS and Bluetooth for handsfree), mute the phone, open a web page and endless possibilities.

Connector micro USB is compatible with OTG, i.e., be able to use peripherals such as mice and keyboards directly and even pendrives.

Cameras, maximum quality on both sides

Another of the strong points of the terminal is its double camera system that mounts two equal modules, Sony iMX135 13 Mpx sensor backlit 1/3 “with F/2.0 aperture and autofocus, also in the front-facing camera. LED Flash on the back.

These cameras have a resolution native 4:3 and 13 Mpx in 16:9 mode up to 12 Mpx. In addition the software that accompanies them is very intuitive and allows capturing panoramic images, HDR, shutter with smile detection, capture multi-angle (where broken camera around an object) to apply effects and even a way of improving facial smoothing the skin in the purest style Photoshop magazines.

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Video mode is also quite complete, allowing recording videos in FullHD quality with stabilization software and even the creation of timelapse by choosing the time you want to have between captures.

The performance of these modules is quite good and very interesting is, without doubt, the quality of the camera front, perfect for lovers of the selfies or as we say on this land, self-portraits.

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Autonomy, worse than expected

If we talk about how we can extend the life of the battery we discuss two important data, integrates a system of quick charge that along with 1.5A charger promises a recharge of the battery in a short period of time. And also that the built-in battery is 2,300 mAh and it also includes a second battery in pack.

This is the point that we wanted to see since it’s a really new chip and didn’t have any indication of what their consumption. We have tried to replicate different forms of use and we found enough consumption behavior in most situations.

If we talk about multimedia playback, we have seen how it can be playing MP4 video of local content for about 4 hours, staying in three and a half hours of content from YouTube.

If we talk about demanding 3D Games time down to about two hours so we can say that it is a not very labor-saving chip. Indeed, in the battery settings there is an option to not reach maximum speed and number of cores to be used to conserve battery either a shutdown and power mode to save battery power during the night.

With normal use, smartphone for navigation, social networking, email, push messaging, music and a call can reach a full day, although it is advisable that we charge it overnight.

To soften this point ThL offers us a second battery with the purchase of the mobile, a nice touch, but for a terminal that has a battery of the same capacity as Nexus 5, expect a similar and autonomy in the majority of cases of use beyond basic user, this device falls short.


Taking into account the price of 289 EUR VAT included, we are facing a competitive terminal which, although it has its weak points, it also has quite a few positive points.

If you are looking for a terminal with a good camera, both front and rear, this is your terminal. We can say that except the image stabilization system, it far surpasses the quality obtained from terminals such as Nexus 5 stood at par of smartphones like LG G2 or Galaxy S4. We also have to assess very positively the performance of the front camera.

It is clear that Chinese handsets coming to the market are somehow breaking the market and being the first chip MediaTek octa – core that we analyze, we predict a good sales results provided the energy consumption of the whole is improved.

In favour

  • Good cameras
  • MicroSD to expand capacity
  • Price
  • Quality screen and Gorilla Glass 3


  • Design, great for 5 inch
  • Autonomy
  • Graphics performance 1. 080p