This Would Be The New Design of Android N Settings

With Android N changes will come in the interface. It will remain Material Design, but with a new design which will give a fresh air to the operating system. Since Android 5.0 Lollipop was released at the end of 2014 have not changed, and this year plays renewal.

The Android interface is basically limited in the status bar, at the bar of notifications and quick adjustments, and the application of adjustments. If a few days ago we saw such as notifications and quick adjustments of Android N now known as they might be among the settings complete the next version of the operating system.

The guys at Android Police have been recreated as it would be the redesign of the adjustments on the basis of the previous version of Android that have seen, although they stressed that the interface may vary in its final version which would be launched at the end of this year.

Left: current design | Right: Android N

At the new design settings We found four major developments. The first novelty is that in first position would be the mode pull-down menu Do not disturb.

The second innovation is that it will only be necessary delimitation lines to separate the different sections, and they will not be delimited between the different elements of the list.

The third novelty is that in many settings displayed his most important State, for example show in “Battery” its percentage of load, “Wi-Fi” network we are connected, “Use of data” our consumption of data, the “storage” free space, “Screen” If you enabled automatic brightness, etc… So we no longer have to enter these settings for this information.

The fourth and final novelty is that Google leaked last week. Upon entering a particular setting will be shown from the side navigation menu to jump to another setting.

All of these are leaks, until Google not present Android N officially on May 18 during the Google I/O 2016 does not know all the news about this major update of the operating system.