Thin And Light: Philips Lumiblade OLED Makes Even More Powerful

Progressing the development of light: Philips has made even more powerful its OLEDs. The efficiency of the high-performance engine Lumiblade GL350 is now up to 45 lumens per watt (lm/W). For comparison, a conventional light bulb reaches 10 to 20 lm/W and is also hopelessly inferior with an average life of only 1,000 hours of operation. OLEDs bring it to the 15-fold.

With the further development of its award-winning OLED module Lumiblade GL350 Philips of a revolutionary technology paves the way the decorative application of functional lighting. A further step into the future of light so.

Because they are considered light source of the future – organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are not only extremely thin, they are above all the first light sources, not selectively, but diffuse emitting the light over its entire surface.

Through the combination of these two properties they are highly attractive for lighting designers and manufacturers, as they provide a completely new ways of thinking about the use of light. As material that emits glare-free, pleasant light, they pick up the separation of light and light source. Furnishings and walls, or even Windows can work around to lighting systems.

The future of OLEDs determine the lighting world, is by no means a distant vision. You is imminent. OLEDs mainly in attractive decoration solutions and light installations were used, Philips as a driving force in the development and research in this field has increased successively keep their performance.

And the potential of revolutionary technology is not long since exhausted. The values of the Lumiblade impress already GL350 module that only 3.3 mm thin is area with housing at 144 square centimetres, is working already to generations of OLED. Whose thickness is less than a millimeter, they can thus more easily integrate into lighting solutions, which tap into ground-breaking, new applications. With heavy investment in new production facilities at the site of Aachen, Philips has laid the foundations for the currently high cost so far to reduce that nothing in the way is an entry into the mass market.

The OLED will conquer the world of lighting and functional light. A visible proof of their suitability in terms of the General lighting is already in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. There, a representative Conference Hall as the world’s first space exclusively with OLEDs of type GL350 is illuminated. The 15 lighting fixtures, which are each 36 OLEDs, are so thin, thanks to the new lighting technology, that they are almost not to recognize from the side.

The promising potential of Lumiblade GL350 convinced the jury at the innovation award plus X award, 2013 characterized the OLED module from the House of Philips as the best product. In addition, Philips in the product group was honored lighting as “Most innovative brand of the year” – award, which sees the company as well as recognition for results as well as an incentive to promote research in the field of OLED technology in the future as a global player.