The Three Basic Trends for Back to School

One of the few pleasures of returning to school is to get a new look, I am not the only one that likes a good makeover, some?. This is the time to reinvent itself, each semester is exciting to experience cuts, colors, makeup, trends, etc., but between so many trends, magazines and tips can be difficult to find your way.

To make things easier we’ll talk of three very simple trends but they say a lot and they will help them find her look perfect for this new semester, because nobody wants to be the girl with the skirt to pictures and regulatory black shoes.

This trend is great for several reasons, the main one is that it lets you carry things helpful such as pants or oversized shirts and yet you can see girls entaconadas and assure you that you have more style than them.

This trend must be carried with care and balance, if you go in your sportswear from feet to head simply appear that you are coming from the gym, representing this trend is the combination of sports with a little more elegant elements to contrast.

The crop tops will not disappear any time soon (though perhaps calm down in December when they will freeze the navel), the importance of these is combine them so that they are appropriate for classes. Looking for jeans and skirts with high waist, according to COSYCARDIGAN, adds layers (like a cardigan or blazer) to make them more casual, etc.

Find the balance between sexy and appropriate and you’ll see that soon all the girls will be (trying to) copy your style.

Since there is still a little summer must take advantage to use all the crazy patterns that arise when temperatures rise. It is a great way to add a touch of color and fun to your closet, if you are not used to wear bold prints can combine one of these parts with something more classic (like a white blouse buttons, a skirt of cotton for a smooth and neutral color, etc).

It’s a fun trend and that will definitely make you stand out in the classroom.